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Welcome! January 18, 2010

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Hey. Welcome to our class blog. A few things to remember:

1. Every one on the internet can read what you write, so make sure your language and subject matter are appropriate for this purpose.

2. When you comment, remember to make your opinions and suggestions constructive, not hurtful.

3. I can’t give you credit if I don’t know who you are. Don’t forget to sign your blog post using your full name or some combination of your name and initials.

In case you don’t remember the rules, here they are again:

  1. Have it posted on time (see syllabus for dates, all entries by 2pm)
  2. Meet the length requirement of 250 words (no maximum word limit)
  3. Meet the topic requirement by writing on the subject we are discussing in class at the time
  4. Include one outside source, listing the source, link and/or author.
  5. Comment on two other people’s entries (comments must be signed or initialed, at least 2 sentences long)

You must meet requirement #1 for credit (see “Grace Period” for exceptions). For requirements #2-5, 25% will be deducted from your grade for each requirement you miss. For example, if you complete all the requirements, you will receive 100%. If you do not write a long enough entry, you will receive 75%. If you don’t comment on two other posts and don’t include a source, you’ll receive 50%, etc. If you miss 3 requirements, you will receive a 0%.



One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. I think that the requirements for this assignment are more than fair, but needs more rules reguarding grammar and punctuation. It is a great advantage.DMMullen.

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