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Here Goes Nothing, Something, Maybe! January 21, 2010

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Well well, where to start. Obviously this is an intro, so I should, of course, introduce myself.  So…

Hello! My name is Alexandra Borkowski. You can call me Alex, Allie, Kat, Hey You, Chick, or nothing at all. It really doesn’t matter much to me. I’m nineteen, go to U of D, blah blah blah. I’m pretty sure we all get the point. The general stuff is never any fun to read, so lets see if I can’t come up with anything a little more interesting than the usual “I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain”.

Not sure if anyone even remembers where thats from, but I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, think of your stereotypical nerd, and thats me in a nut shell. I’m a little more outgoing than the rest of them, but I’m still just as socially akward, or akweird, whichever.  I love books, any kind, fiction, non fiction, you name it. And lots of other nerdy stuff, but I don’t need to scare you guys just yet. I mean, it is only the first post, I think I’ll wait till at least the third or fourth before I leave you all cringing. =]

I have three tattoos, plan on getting more. other than the one on the back of my neck, I never plan on having any that you can actually see, unless I’m in a bathing suit or something. i think tattoos are something that a) should always have a meaning behind them and b) are a very private, intamate part of someones life. But then again, thats just what I think. Not that I don’t like thigh to shoulder vines and flowers and stars and tons of pretty stuff, it’s just not my thing.

Facebook me, text me, IM me. I always love to talk. I’m sparadic, and thats the way I plan my nights. As to say, I don’t. I love just driving around with my friends until I see something that I wanna do. Take last friday for example. My cousin Matt, best friend Dustin and I decided to have pizza in the middle of my High School Football field at Two a.m.  it was cold, but tones of fun. Only, I don’t suggest trying to climb a fence with a pizza in your hand. pretty tricky if I do say so myself. My taste in music is pretty sparadic too. Put my Ipod on shuffle, and you’ll get the most crazy mix of songs ever. I think I’ll include some in my posts from now on. Like, whatever I’m listening to while I write I’ll post. Sounds fun, right?

Anyway, I’m getting pretty tired of talking, and I’m sure you are tired of half reading and falling aslepp through my intro. So I’ll stop ranting now. =] See ya!


Second Go- Lights.



5 Responses to “Here Goes Nothing, Something, Maybe!”

  1. Very interesting. I like it! I feel the same way about tattoos. If they have no meaning then what is the purpose of having them on your body for life. I have seen so many stupid and pointless tattoos and when you ask them why they got it they say they dont know.
    -Arielle K.

  2. I love that song you quoted… I didnt know anyone else knew it haha. I like your idea of posting what song youre listening to!
    -Erin C.

  3. Wow. Tattoos? I would have never guessed!!! Where is the “pina colada” thing from? That’s pretty funny. =]

    Lori E. Allan

  4. Its a really old song, early nineties, late eighties maybe. Youtube it. Just type in PinaColada song. =] Its kinda a classic.

  5. I would love to get to know you, letsssss facebook lol. I love my tattoos they are awesome. ill post pics when we do more blogs because mine do go along with this class somewhat, which is neat.. see yaaa!!
    –sam laird

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