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About Me January 21, 2010

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I am a student at UDM who is happy with her new life as a college student. For many years my goal was to graduate form highshool and attend the same college  my parents attended. However, faced many challages when I enrolled. The first time I applied, I was turned down due to my low ACT scores. I was dissappointed, upset. I did not understand why my application has been denied since my grades were nothorrible. Throughout highschool, I was an honoroll student who was well rounded. At first  I decided that I was going to enroll into community college and then transfer to UDM. However, discovered later on that  my issues could be resolved if I took the ACT test over again. So after taking the test again I recived a higer score and was granted admissions into the school of Liberal Arts.  I was very exited about my acceptance, until orientation. For orientation, I was required to take a written and math placement test.  The morning I was scheduled to take the test was hetic. Iwas feeling excited but nervous. During the first two hours of orientation I began to feel a little more relaxed. There was brunch going on in the student lounge and I was foucusing on calming my nerves. After a while, I started socializing with some of my future classmates. Two hours later, It was time for me to take the placement test. As I walked towards the classroom where the test was administered, my nerves began to get the best of me. Throughout the test I could not concentrate. I continued to  focus more on time than completing the test. Unfortunately,  I was able to regain focus after ten minutes and was able to complete the test.  However, was still dissapointed afterwards when I discovered that I did not do so well on  math portion of the test.  DMMullen


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