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I will now introduce myself… January 21, 2010

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My name is Samantha Laird. I really like to sleep and I wish I could be sleeping still right now. This semester I have my own room which is absolutely AWESOME!! It is my own little world, no distractions. Just me and my two filled closets (the best part of my room). 🙂 My room at home is yellow and this one is white, its real boring. My room at school is a lot bigger than my room at home, which is not cool. My boyfriend is coming to stay with me this weekend which I am really excited about. He goes to Western and plays lacrosse. He lives in Brighton, which is the city right next to Hartland, my city. I work at Chili’s in Brighton and I love it there. I buy a lot of clothes and its a problem. But I’m alright with it. I swam in high school and played soccer one year. I wish we had a pool here but we are in Detroit… YMCA will do for now. My brother and sister play football, basketball, lacrosse and swim/dive, lacrosse, respectively. My birthday is February 4th and I am kind of excited for it. Canada is just a ten minute drive away.. located very conveniently for my current city status. I share a birthday is Rosa Parks. The day after my birthday I am going to the Rascal Flatts concert. I love country music. This will be my second time seeing this awesome country group. My two best friends Britt and Marisa are going with me. After the concert we are going up to West Branch where my family will be for the weekend with a bunch of friends. 🙂 It should be a fun and exciting birthday weekend!

I am currently the happiest person. And I have been for quite some time. Its great, you should try it. 😀


One Response to “I will now introduce myself…”

  1. I know. I can’t wait for Canada! =] And I facebooked you, btw.

    Alex B

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