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I’m from the hood January 21, 2010

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My name is Jeffrey. I’m from North Baltimore, Ohio. I went to North Baltimore High School and graduated in 2009. I came to the University of Detroit Mercy because I was recruited for track and field. I do the jumps (high jump, long jump, triple jump). Since my major is mechanical engineering, I especially liked Detroit Mercy because of its renowned engineering program. 

In high school I excelled in track and field as well as in cross country. I hold my high school’s school record in the high jump and have one of my school’s fastest times ever in cross country. I also played basketball in high school and was fairly decent. I was the team captain of the track team for 2 years, the cross country team for 1 year and the basketball team for 1 year. I held a good academic standing and maintained a 3.45 GPA all through high school with a 4.0GPA my junior year alone. 

I have 2 brothers and a sister. My brothers’ ages are 15 and 17 and my sister is 32. My mother is 49 and my father is 55. My mom works 3 jobs doing cleaning services for the elderly/janitorial services for a factory. My father is the human resources supervisor for 2 factories under the same company in my area. 

North Baltimore is a very poor community in northwest Ohio and is about 35 miles south of Toledo. Drugs are very popular in my town and a drug ring is ran out of my town that distributes drugs to all the major cities in Ohio and in surrounding states due to our location on I-75 and being between Detroit and Columbus and other Ohio cities. Gang violence is also on the rise in my town as there are two gangs that have just showed up in my town. I live in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town where crime and drigs are much less prominent than in many other neighborhoods. My house is one of the nicer houses in my town and I live on one of the main streets.

 -Jeffrey Senecal


3 Responses to “I’m from the hood”

  1. Wow jeffrey thats interesting..!

    -Brittany M. Thomas

  2. I think that it is amazing to be a great athlete as well as great in academics. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. College should be a breeze. =]

    Lori E. Allan

  3. I am so impressed with your high school accomplishments. That is so scary about your town.

    Kristen D.

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