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Intro January 21, 2010

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My name is Kevin Cunningham. I am from a small town called Romeo, Michigan, located 32 miles North of Detroit. I used to play a lot of sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and wrestling, however I don’t in college. My favorite color is green and I love vegtables. I am a freshman attending the University of Detroit Mercy. My college major is mursing, but i plan to become a nurse anesitists. Most of the freshman at UDM live in Shiple Hall but I live in Holden Hall where all the international students live. I actually like Holden Hall because I get to meet people from all over the world such as Poland, China, Iraq, Korea, and Germany. The things I’ve learned from these cultures is priceless and very cool. I can put a price on my education because it is costing me an arm and a leg. In order to pay for my college tutition and housing I work as a foreman during the summers. Last summer I held three landscaping jobs and worked before the sun rised, till the sun set. I became an apprentice for a irragation service company. We install everything from sprinklers to gulf courses. My other jobs include similiar work but it could be defined as landscaping.  I also have two brothers and one sister. My sister is the oldest and lives in Portland, while my oldest brother goes to school at Michigan Tech. I love my family very much although it is very disfuntional, but I prefer it that way because it gave me more of a reason to move out. I am a very chill kid that never wastes enery on stuff that is totally out of my control, especially drama. I am very big on always doing the right thing and I apply this moral to every aspect of my life. I wouldn’t say I am the best Catholic but I strive to be the best person I can be.

-Kevin Cunningham


2 Responses to “Intro”

  1. Sounds like you are getting a lot of experience from all these jobs. It will pay off in the end.

    -Jordan Houtby

  2. You must have had a good farmer’s tan!


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