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Introduction January 21, 2010

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Hey! I’m Alexandria Vintevoghel. I graduated from Marine City High School and I run cross country, indoor and outdoor track. I am a Biology/Pre-Med major. I am also a dancer and I love Italian food. I have 2 older twin sisters. One of them works here in the training room so some of you athletes might know her. I love going to the movies and just having a good time.

Alexandria V.



5 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. I am majoring in pre-med as well!! 🙂
    -Brittany M. Thomas

  2. I used to be a Bio/Pre-med major, but I switched. Sometimes I miss it though. Good luck with everything.

    Kristen D.

  3. Hey what is your sisters name who works in the training room?

    Jordan Houtby

  4. Who’s your sister? I ran cross country in high school. I was pretty decent but not good enough to run here.
    -Jeffrey Senecal

  5. Her name is Victoria.

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