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Detroit… January 27, 2010

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When I first moved to michigan, the only thing i really new about detroit was that it had a horrible football team, decent baseball and basketball, a good hockey team, and i could get shot there. I was aware of the auto businesses, since my dads job forced us to move to michigan because of it. But all i heard of was the negativity surrounding the city. When i was recruited here, i think i had a different reaction than a lot of other people. My mom used to teach in the inner city of syracuse. No where near the violence of Detroit, but pretty close. According to syracuse.areaconnect.com, Syracuse actually had more thefts and almost as many murders in 2006 as Detroit. And this is where my mom worked and ten minutes from my house in suburbia. She had to be home by four to lower her risk of drive by shootings. She showed me my first drug deal as stopped at an intersection. And she showed me gangs. Naturally, it scared the crap out of me. I would visit her classroom adn read to her kids, all older than me, all black, and to me it helped in the long run. It taught me two important lessons. Don’t judge people because of the area they live in. 99% of the kids were just like us. yes there were the sketchy ones, but they also taught me lesson number two. sort of like bees, you don’t bother them, they dont bother you. The drug dealer me and my mom drove by actually waved to me. They just want to get it done. This all has to do with my perspective on Detroit because i was used to the city. I didnt get freaked out when i saw suspicous people. My first week here on the way to a frat i walked by a deal going down. It happens. My coach actually said it best. if you go looking for trouble, you will find it. If you mind your own business,  you will have no issues at all. So when i took my official visit here, i sort of enjoyed the city setting. Getting away from the cookie cutter suburban society was a nice change. And its not like we dont have royal oak and ferndale to go to if we wanna go out. So overall,being here is just a good experience. You just have to know where to look.

Tyler Staruch


One Response to “Detroit…”

  1. Tyler, I like this post a lot (except you don’t paraphrase from the text book). It is interesting to hear the similarities to Syracuse. You seem to have sound advice, as well.

    ~Jenna G.

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