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Detroit January 27, 2010

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I have lived in the city of Detroit for ten years. It was a great place to live but, a terrible place to attend school. The city has a lot of activities to offer such as there annual Auto Shows at Cobo Hall or the Jazz festivalat Chene Park. Therefore, have many auditoriums such as the Fox, that is well suited for entertainment. It is a place of various activities and events, that attracts residents and non residents of Detroit. Various forms of entertainment are always avalible such as concerts,plays,sports games, etc.  However, not all aspects of the city is great. For example, the school systems are corrupt. The city needs to make more effort to hire more qualified educators and provide more updated resources. The resource they have now are a disadvantage to the students of DPS schools. A majority of the students who are using these outdated resources are having trouble mastering basic skills, and doing well on standarized test. Another issue that Detroit faces is the low percentage of registered voters. If more individuals in Detroit would register to vote, a lot of issuses and scandels can be avoided.Therfore, the city funding would be used towards other resouces  to help the city instead of causing harm. Many funds would not be wasted, as a result of poor investments.Detoit in my opinion is a great place to live,but the city needs to start making improvements if they do not want to loose residents.



4 Responses to “Detroit”

  1. I agree with the school issues. We need to establish those in order to really help the city because without good schools, the city will not thrive

    -Caitlin Tefend

  2. Oi, I new that Detroit has a jazz culture, but you reminded me that I gota start playing my bass again. Jazz is a really good genre that a lot of people ignore, and now I am going to keep an eye out for this Jazz festival you mention, THANks

    -kevin cunningham

  3. It is so sad how the school system is in Detroit. I have to do a service learning project for my ethics class, and for this simple reason I chose to tutor at a high school once a week. I will probably end up continuing after my project. Some of us are so fortunate to have attended good high schools, and now good colleges. Although it may not seem this way, but so many kids in Detroit long for a good education, just have no means of obtaining one.

    Kristen D.

  4. You bring up several great points, DDM. Thanks. I would like to talk about the school system some more in class, as well as the issue you raise about voter registration. You need to include your source info here and paraphrase from the text, if you can. Just edit the post soon.

    ~Jenna G.

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