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Detwa January 27, 2010

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I’ll admit that I know very little about Detroit’s history. I will say that I have learned a lot about Detroit and it’s people since I started going to UDM. Whenever I go out-of-state and introduce myself to people, I tell them that I live thirty-two miles North of Detroit. I don’t consider my hometown part of Detroit because it’s simply not in Detroit city limits. However when I mention Detroit in relation to my hometown, its usually brings a negative response. Personally I take offense to negative responses about Detroit now that I’ve lived here for a few months.  I have learned in these past couple months that Detroiters near my age participate in a lot of the same activities that I do in my hometown. It actually cracks me up as to how similar my hometown is to Detroit. My hometown doesn’t have similar ascetics that  Detroit  has but is similar in simpler regards, which I’m not at liberty to share. In some cases entire communities determine how a city can look (Silverman, Rader 481). In other words, people of a community have a significant effect on how a city is percieved physically and psychologically. People leave Detroit in attempt to find a sense of “security”, but this is somewhat ridiculous in my opinion. When people move out of the city they believe they are leaving the cities problems behind. In Guterson, David. “No Place like Home.” Seeing and Writing 3. Ed. Donald McQuade. Bedford:St. Martin’s, 2006. 183-90, Guterson explains how people leave crime ridden cities in search of security. The moral of this essay is that the people who move to the suburbs in search of “security”, are mistaken and foolish to think that crime won’t follow. Small scale crime has always been in my hometown and I ironically love it. Detroit offers a lot more freedom than what my hometown offers and non-residents dont see that. It seems as if people want predictable lifes and avoid areas where their not in control. Some parts of Detroit offer an unpredictable enviroment, and I mean that in the best way possible. I simply love Detroit.

Kevin Cunningham


5 Responses to “Detwa”

  1. I feel that people shouldn’t assume what it is like living in Detroit until they have actually done it. It isn’t half as bad as people say it would be, and i have been off campus a lot and haven’t felt like i was in danger.

    -Jordan Houtby

  2. I agree with the impact of the “community” on the public’s perception of a city. I would say there is really nothing more at all to a city besides the people that make it up, that’s why they are all so different.

    -Jake Morse

  3. I agree with you 100%. People just don’t understand what it is actually like to live here and it gets really annoying. There is just as much crime in my suburban neighborhood then there is here in Detroit. I also agree with you when you say that you like Detroit’s unpredictability. You never know what is going to happen on a day to day basis here! I just love it.
    -Brittany Cifka

  4. I like the title. I love Detroit also. When you’ve lived here, you tend to appreciate all of the good things about the city. Others just aren’t used to it I guess.

    Lori E. Allan

  5. Kevin, I actually love this post. Your sources are great, you utilize them well. The concepts that you introduce of security and predictability are fantastic. Good work.

    ~Jenna G.

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