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Moving to Detroit January 27, 2010

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Near the end of my final year of high school in Canada,i began talking to College lacrosse coaches to hopefully receive a lacrosse scholarship. I talked to a few coaches, on being from UDM. When me and my family first thought about me going to school in Detroit, we felt that it could be dangerous based off of Detroit’s reputation. However, the coach was able to convince me to come to the campus for an overnight visit where I got to experience Detroit for myself. When we crossed the border, we were surrounded by nice buildings with bright lights and I thought it was amazing. But when we got off the highway and drove down city streets, I started to see a lot of abandoned homes with fire damage and broken windows. This made me feel a little uncomfortable because I did not know why these houses were like this. We finally got to the campus and once again I felt safe again. for some reason, the fences that surround the campus made me feel a lot better, even though if I thought about it, it would be pretty easy for someone to climb over it. It took some time but I finally decided that going to UDM would be a good decision. I have been here for five months now and have never felt like I was in danger. There has been the odd time where me and some friends have walked across the street to Burger King for lunch and a man has asked me if I wanted to buy some weed, but really, that can happen anywhere. Even though I am miles and miles away from home, UDM is still part of my home by bringing my own personalization to my dorm room. How we inhabit a space can create our identity (Silverman and Rader 481). So no matter where I am, I will always bring a piece of home with me, may it be a poster, picture, or even my Canadian flag. Just like Elvis Presley said “home is where the heart is” (http://www.mp3lyrics.org/e/elvis-presley/home/), and right now, my heart is in Detroit.

-Jordan Houtby


4 Responses to “Moving to Detroit”

  1. I agree that in a sense, you take your home with you… I was born fairly close to Detroit, and lived in Dearborn Heights until I was 14, then went to high school up north in Traverse City, and when I came back down here, I felt like a stranger and felt that Traverse City is where I would always call home, but now that I’m back living down here again, I feel like this is my true home.

    -Jake Morse

  2. I like that you can call Detroit home when you live so far away. I only live an hour away and everytime I see a sign that says Detroit I automatically think home. I honestly love it here.

    Alexandria Vintevoghel

  3. We both had a similar situation in getting recruited here. I can relate to the alarm going off in our heads when we say detroit lacrosse, but i think we both mad the right decision

  4. First, whose is the last comment? There are a couple lacrosse players here (Tyler? E.C.?).

    Second…it sounds like we have a good PR person in the UDM lacrosse coach! Jordan, I like that you identify the fact that the houses bother you because you didn’t know why they were that way. I think knowledge and familiarity are key issues for understanding our topic here.

    ~Jenna G.

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