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My New Home January 27, 2010

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Before I came to this school I had never even considered living in Detroit. Whenever I heard the word Detroit, I would immediatly start thinking bad thoughts. I would think of robberies, massive shootings, gang fights, and homeless people.  I always thought Detroit was such a bad city, until I came here for school. First of all, I wasn’t too happy about the fact that I was going to the University of Detroit Mercy anyways.  I never even heard about it before and all I was thinking about is how i was going to get shot living there.  When the day arrived for me to visit U of D, the drive was absolutely horrible. I have never seen so many abandoned houses, alleys, or stores. A lot of places were boarded up and in very bad condition. There were a ton of shady people walking around; Whether they were homeless or not, I could not tell. On average, more than 9,500 individuals and famlies are homeless on a night in Detroit (http://www.cotsdetroit.org/cots/aboutus_stats.wml?section=aboutus). It’s such a sad thing to think about that but as I rode in the car, we did not stop to give any of them money. Let’s just say I was to frightened, and all I wanted to do at that point was to get into the safe, fenced in area of Detroit Mercy.

Although I had so many predisposed thoughts, I wish I wouldn’t have judged the city like the way I did that day because come to find out Detroit really isn’t that bad. Living at U of D has really opened my eyes to new things. I have been to down town Detroit, which is amazingly beautiful. There are so many things to do down town that I could never get bored. I think my favorite place so far has been Campus Martius. My friends and I went down there around Christmas time with all the lights and the tree right in the center. And who could forget about Detroit’s sports teams?! I am the biggest Piston’s fan ever! Detroit has so much potential to become such a great city if the people living here all come together and do some good for it. Silverman and Rader say it best in the book The World is a Text, ” the space that surrounds us says a number of things about that particular location”  (Silverman & Rader, pg. 482). I believe this statement to be very true about the city of Detroit. I bet once everyone works together this city could become a better place for people to enjoy.

-Brittany Cifka


3 Responses to “My New Home”

  1. Its good that you got to see the awesome side of detroit. a lot of people dont get to experience that and they automatically assume that it all sucks.
    Tyler Staruch

  2. I think you’re right, a lot of people tend to judge Detroit or just things in general before getting to know what it really is and what it has to offer but once they experience the good, their entire opinion towards it changes.
    Raymond L.

  3. Nice post, Brittany. This echoes your sentiments in class.

    ~Jenna G.

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