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Okay, who wants to go for a walk… on the wild side? January 27, 2010

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When you think of “taking a walk on the wild side,” a day at the zoo may come to mind, or perhaps stepping outside of the typically accepted norms. Beyond UDM’S limits, there are two types of zoos: the Detroit Zoo and the Detroit Zoo. The first is safe and has camels, monkeys, giraffes, and prairie dogs. The second zoo has gangs, violence, potholes, abandoned buildings and poverty. Detroit is a zoo all on its own. Unless you have an open-mind, negative things always outnumber the bad. Detroit has its pros and cons. Let’s focus on both…

Starting with the weird, the Detroit police had a controlled pillow fight in April 2009 Downtown. Interested in more? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30070062/ How fun right? A subliminal way to let us know we should hit our roommate with a pillow as hard as we can instead of searching for a gun somewhere.

What is ugly about Detroit? Sports fans may say the Lions. Drivers may say the roads. Architects may say the buildings (though, some are very beautiful).

And the unruly – gangs stick together and most of the time, are up to no good. A gang spray painted all over the Dairy Queen I work at. We keep repainting. 😦 Public landscapes are destroyed by graffiti (in our eyes) perhaps public art (to them) – The World is a Text (Silverman and Rader 483)

Detroit also has its unusual aspects. In December 2007, a 7 year old girl jumped in front of her mom to save her from a gunman (the mom’s ex-boyfriend), and got shot 6 times. They are both living. Wow.

You can’t always expect to live somewhere perfect. Not all areas of the zoo are going to be safe. You can always be aware. Quote of the day:

“Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.” – Evan Esar

Lori E. Allan


19 Responses to “Okay, who wants to go for a walk… on the wild side?”

  1. I really liked how you referred to the Detroit Zoo as two different things. The Detroit Lions make people look ugly because the expressions on their faces when they f*** up in the game does not do that persons face good (therefore making them look ugly) haha. Quote went wonderfully too!! 🙂

    –sam laird

  2. Even though our Detroit teams might not be the BEST, they are still my favorite teams. I am a Lions fan and will be forever. Their day is coming and maybe even a season. Roar!!!
    -Arielle K.

  3. The Lions are beyond disappointing right now. But I still love them! I don’t think of them as an ugly aspect, more of a sad humor. =]


  4. I like that quote at the end of your blog, it’s very interesting. It is also very true in my opinion and I am very glad that you put it there, especially since I like going to the zoo.

  5. I like that quote at the end of your blog, it’s very interesting. It is also very true in my opinion and I am very glad that you put it there, especially since I like going to the zoo.

    -kevin cunnigham

    my bad, i didn’t put my name

  6. I agree that you can’t always expect to live in a perfect world. It is all about staying postive and keep pushing through.

    -Jordan Houtby

  7. I like how you compared Detroit to two different zoos. I think it perfectly describes the Detroit area. Also the story about the little girl is unbelievable and I wish I could be brave enough to take a bullet for someone I love. But i guess if the time came where i would have to choose between my mom living or myself, I would probably choose my mom:)

    -Brittany Cifka

  8. About the graffiti.. It sucks that we have to keep painting over it. It makes the city seem trashy at times. Some people say its art but i believe art belongs on a canvas and not on city buildings

    -Geri Gabrielson

  9. Yes, very true. Art like that is only priceless to the creator.

    Lori E. Allan

  10. I like the fact that you showed both the good and the bad and how they can work together. Whether or not one outweighs the other is hard to tell but I think that things can change.
    Raymond L.

  11. Really great post, Lori. Informative, entertaining, and met all the requirements. Who would have guessed it was ALL possible? And congrats on having the most comments for the class. Perhaps due to your thoughtful responses to everyone? Good work.

    ~Jenna G.

  12. Thanks professor. It was definitely ALL possible. =]

    Lori E. Allan

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