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The City of Detroit January 27, 2010

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To me, Detroit is a busy city filled with culture, art and potential. I have lived in Ferndale, Michigan all my life, which is five to ten mintues away from Detroit. Ever since I was little, my family has always been close to this city. Most of my family grew up here so I always hear the usual “Back in my day..” or “When I was your age..”. My parents recognize that the city has changed greatly since they were young and they think it is a shame that the city has not reached its’ true potential. Of course I am aware of the fact that yes, there are certain neighborhoods where you cannot simply stroll down the street by yourself, but there are good and bad areas in every city. Unfortunately, I feel that the media is somewhat responsible for Detroit’s reputation. There are so many good things that the media never reconizes such as the DIA and the Detroit Zoo. I have also noticed throughout the hundrerds of times I have been downtown, the beautiful churches that seem to sit quietly at the corner of every other block. Each church has its’ own style and history which I think gives it personality and no church’s architecture is alike. Not only are these houses of faith miraculous but there are a few areas of historical homes which I could probably stare at all day (I’m curious what they look on the inside too). Without a doubt, the architects of Detroit “intended for an emotional reaction” (Silverman and Radar 481) as folks gaze in awe of the magificent detail and time put into these works of art. However, I have noticed that in some empty lots of rubbish lie half burnt down, worn out homes that just sit there as we all drive by, which is upsetting to me because I think these worn out houses remind me of our city- all Detroit really needs is a little (probably more than a little) tender loving  care that could maybe be the start of the this city becoming alive again. We just need to take time out of our hectic lives to make a heartfelt effort to show people how fascinating our city really is.

Danielle Harteau


6 Responses to “The City of Detroit”

  1. I know what you mean about looking at them all. I could spend hours just looking at the houses in the Palmer district.

    -A. Borkowski

  2. I also agree with the gorgeous houses in detroit and the media does not ever help the city.

    -Caitlin Tefend

  3. I agree in regards that the media does focus on the negative things about Detrot. It’s an ashame that people don’t really know about the good things going on in Detroit, even though I’m not aware of them myself.

    -Kevin cunningham

  4. I also agree with the point made about the media. The news is very depressing and most the time its based off of the happenings in detroit. It sucks when something good happens and the story goes untold

    -Geri Gabrielson

  5. I love the DIA! I wish they would advertise it more because its amazing especially the food!

    Olivia Lewis

  6. Danielle, nice work here. Maybe it’s just me, but “border cities” like Ferndale do seem to have an intricate relationship to the city proper. I’m counting your relatives as a source, just realize that I asked for a paraphrase rather than a quote from the textbook.

    ~Jenna G.

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