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What Hides In Plain View. January 27, 2010

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Detroit itself has always had a large collection of subcaltures and occult followings. From the early days of voodoo to todays more recent fixation with the supernatural, none of these things are at all hard to find within the city limits. Why, they barely hide at all, but linger just under the sunny surface of everyday life. They are not ashamed, they are not afraid. Why, they are proud to be different. They are proud to stand out from the normal everyday. And all you have to do to get a little insight into this semi-dangerous, unruly, wildside of Detroit, is open your eyes and actually look.

One big epicenter of this not so underground world is the Leland City Club. Right in the center of downtown stands the once famous, four story Luxury LeLand Hotel. While it used to be the home of  elegant penthouses and delicious restaurants, it now houses one of the best known collection of eclectic people you can find.

And I say eclectic lightly. City Club is where you will find a vast amount of people, ranging from innocent by standers to goths. From wiccans to mad scientists. Self proclaimed vampires and experimentalists. Tarot cards are read to you while waiting in line for the bathroom. Fake fangs are applied in front of the mirrors. Smiles are flashed, dancing is done, and nothing is ever predictable.

At the bar, on the dance floor, in the bathroom, or plush lounge area’s. Yes, on all four floors you’ll find something that will get your adrenalin pumping. You’ll be torn between your fight, flight, and let go and have fun reactions. Its a special part of Detroit that shows exactly how many different types of people populate the city.

Not that I’ve ever been. =] Because I am soooo perfectly normal. lol


Cross My Heart.


One Response to “What Hides In Plain View.”

  1. AKAB, this was a fun post to read and useful in starting to think about paper topics. Nice work. HOWEVER….we’re missing the paraphrase and source info. I think you could work some here with no problem. If you do it by tomorrow, then I can give you credit for it.

    ~Jenna G.

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