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Art on Heidelberg St. January 28, 2010

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Detroit has always been a place with opportunities. Starting with Henry Ford and the auto industry, Detroit has given many people a place to transform their lives. On Heidelberg Street, Detroit’s East Side, lies a spectacular and vivid community project that wants “…to inspire people to use and appreciate artistic expression as a means to enrich and improve their lives, and to beautify and preserve the environments in which we all live, work and play.”  (http://www.heidelberg.org/what.html) The Heidelberg Project would like everyone to have a bright vision for the future. ◊

The Heidelberg Project was founded Tyree Guyton in 1986 right on Heidelberg Street. “Tyree was raised on Heidelberg Street and, at the age of 12, witnessed the tragic effect of the Detroit riots – from which he claims the City of Detroit never recovered.” Tyree, his family members and neighborhood kids cleaned up vacant lots and turned them into “lots of art”. He covered the trees, sidewalks and houses to create a “massive art environment”. The space this project occupies shows the community who inhabits that space, what the space is used for and how you are to understand that space. (Silverman and Rader pg. 282) I believe that the canvas they have created as a work of art is such an intriguing and creative way for people to express concerns. Each and every thing created on this street tells a story about current issues within society. All the colors and ideas are symbolic in some way to each individual artist. Recycled items and found things make up a majority of the HP’s art displays. ◊

I believe the HP has so many opportunities for the community to get involved making the space they live in a better place. Just the idea of getting kids involved at such a young age is such a great benefit for them. I thought this would be a really neat thing to learn about. And I will be going here hopefully when it gets a little warmer to walk around and check it out! ◊

♥Samantha Laird


4 Responses to “Art on Heidelberg St.”

  1. This is so interesting! I did not even know about this, and now I really wanna visit there! 🙂

    -Caitlin Tefend

  2. I was going to write about this! There is no other city that has anything like this. It is defintely something that is just as unique as Detroit itself.

    Olivia Lewis

  3. Nice post, Sam. If we don’t talk about this on Tuesday, we will talk about the Heidelberg Project later on in the semester. And, Caitlin, if you want to go see it I recommend waiting till spring! Everything looks a lot more cheerful then.

    ~Jenna G.

  4. I go and visit that street quite often. It was such a shame when they were trying to destroy the street and all of the different, but beautiful artwork. Its amazing that someone can make something so beautiful out of things that are considered not to be beautiful and people actually live in the houses. My favorite things on the street are the dolls everywhere, stuff animals, and the shoes!!
    -Arielle K.

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