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Detroit January 28, 2010

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Detroit gets a bad reputation because people do not know the true beauty of it. People that do not live near Detroit believe it is so bad because they believe everything they hear. The media broadcasts all the negative situations in Detroit. Rarely is there something on the news about the positive aspects of Detroit. No other city has as much pride as we do for our sports teams. I went to the Kenny Chesney concert over the summer and they started talking about Detroit and the entire crowd cheered. We are in an economic land slide but put any other city on our shoes and they would never fight as hard us. However there are some people that are ashamed to be from Detroit. We need to stop looking at the negative and look at the positive. Hockeytown, I know we aren’t doing well right now but think of Red Wings History. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/stats.htm?season=20082009&gameType=3 We have won the Stanley Cup 11 times which is 3rd in the world. If you look for negative you will find negative. So start looking for the positive. I understand it is not like what it used to be. When Detroit was first envisioned it was a city with great jobs, houses and entertainment. They created Detroit to flourish and it did but things do change. We have a constant change in feelings due to what a place looks like ( Silverman and Rader 281). The bones and structure of Detroit as a whole is amazing; all it needs is an updated look. People expect Detroit to turn around and be gorgeous in a day. If you do not step up and do something about it then it will always look this way. When the Superbowl came to Detroit the city stepped up to the occasion and improved little things at a time to give it a good vibe. If we continue  in those paths we can make our dreams worth while. But you can’t sit around and do nothing! Donate to a food pantry, give your heart to the city and it will be greatful. Think of others over yourself. Everyone going to this school is fortunate enough to afford it even with the loans they are taking out.

Olivia Lewis


One Response to “Detroit”

  1. Nice post, Olivia. We will definitely talk about believing what other people have told you about the city in class.

    ~Jenna G.

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