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Detroit January 28, 2010

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In October of 2009, Time Magazine shed light over the once reputable city of Detroit.  After getting so much flack for the ignorance they displayed in their exert, they decided to get the real story behind Detroit.  Time Magazine purchased a house in the middle of the city, and threw in seven of its own journalists to embark on this mission.  For one year they will keep a close look on the city of Detroit: its history, its current state, and its future.  Like the journalists on Assignment Detroit, people need to get over the cliches of this city and, instead, need to get a better idea of what it’s all about.  “No city has had more influence on the country’s economic and social evolution.”  (http://magazine-directory.com/Time.htm)  This is, perhaps, one of the most overlooked facts about Detroit.  We have all heard the stories from our parents about what it used to be back in the day, when they were young.  The graffiti covered buildings, the polluted streets, and the bums that sleep under the bridges can all be elements that give the identity Detroit has today–just as the clothes we wear give each individual their identity.  (Silverman and Rader 482) Seeing what it looks like now, its hard to grasp how something that was “so great” could turn into what it is now.  Too many people are apprehensive about the potential Detroit has, and until somebody steps up, the city remains the laughing stock of the nation.  In our own state, we are always told to be cautious, and to avoid the city at whatever cost. When I go out of town and tell somebody I am from Detroit, they automatically give this look like, “Really! You don’t look like your from Detroit”.  Not only do we, in metro-detroit, stereotype against this city, but so does everybody else around the U.S.  Until Detroit is given another chance, it will never rise above this long overdue standstill.
Kristen D.


2 Responses to “Detroit”

  1. Well-written post, Kristen. And good incorporation of both paraphrase and outside source. The Time blog and series is an interesting topic of discussion for us. Is this maybe a little different than your opinion in class? Or just another facet?

    ~Jenna G.

  2. I know my opinion of Detroit is very skewed. In class, my opinion of Detroit may not have been very clear. I guess what I am trying to say is that Detroit–the city, the buildings, the history, the culture, and the potential it has–is such an amazing city! It makes me yearn to think what it would be like to have the city it used to be. However, a lot of people are very naive when it comes to the dangers in Detroit. Maybe it is because my family has such a long history there and I hear the stories right when they happen. It also hits home so much for me because it is more real to me; a lot of the times the people harmed in Detroit are family and friends. It saddens me to think what people can do when they are desperate. The economic status Detroit is in right now causes this desperateness. I do not judge, nor do I frown upon anything people do, because it’s easy to sit on the side and be a commentator until you put yourself in their shoes. Overall, I guess I am trying to say that Detroit, as a place on the map, is wonderful, but as far as its status right now, it makes it so much less attractive.

    Kristen D

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