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Detroit January 28, 2010

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Many seem to have so many issues and opinions about detroit. Most of those opinions come from what they hear or the media’s broadcasting of only the “BAD” places. It also intrest me to hear some of these opinions from people who have never stepped foot into the city because either they are too scared or they come and only focus on the abandonment and the negative as opposed to what the positive could possibly be.  Growing up and being a resident from detroit I have experienced the good and the bad as any person would from their neighborhood. I am not going to  sit and say that Detroit is the best place to be and has no crime and is the best place to live, if i was to do so i would be telling a lie. Detroit is like any other city. It has its beauty and it has its flaws, its just more of the flaws come out of detroit than the beauty. “Space can be manipulative, comforting or both”(The world is a text pg 481). This just means that even the places that you have to adapt to or change with can be the very place that you are comfortable. I honestly feel that detroit is not as bad as many portray it to be. It mostly just people who are suppose to help the city pushing these issues off and just deeply wounding the city even more. “Detroit, Michigan is an amazing misjudged city with a wonderfully rich history”(historydetroit.com). “Detroit is a huge undertaking and will remain a work in progress for a long time”. I agree with this statement. Detroit is a amazing place that is always misjudged and is absolutely a working progress, I just wish that so many wouldn’t judge the city, especially if you’ve never been there, lived there or just focus on the negative.

-Brittany M. Thomas


4 Responses to “Detroit”

  1. I completely agree with you Brittany, I think Detroit has a lot to offer and some people get a little too caught up in the bad of it all. I really feel bad for people who live in Detroit cause they constantly have to defend it.


  2. I feel ya on this, my town is kinda like a smaller, poorer version of detroit. Thats why I wouldn’t mind living in Detroit once I graduate.

  3. Nice post, Brittany. Your perspective as a Detroiter is much needed in our discussions. Jeffrey’s comment is also interesting. I want to talk about similarities and differences between rural and urban if we can. Perhaps there is more in common than we think.

    Also, can you paraphrase, rather than quote, from the text book? Use citation like this (Silverman and Rader 481).

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