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Detroit January 28, 2010

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Being from 100 miles south of detroit in a small rural town, many people thought I was crazy for wanting to come here. But the truth is that I feel safer in Detroit than I do back home because back home i have beef with people and they have arranged drive by shootings on me. In Detroit, I don’t have any beef with anybody.

Detroit seems really nice and how the media portrays Detroit seems mostly false to me. I feel safe walkin down the street in Detroit alone (something my mother forbids me from doing), most of the people are pretty friendly, and I see very little crime happen. However, Detroit is poor and run down as it is usually portrayed. Coming into someones living space gives clues as to who they are and what they are about (Silverman and Rader 482). That is how my perception of Detroit really took a swing toward the positive.

I also like how there is a large black population in Detroit. It helps me experience a new lifestyle different from my mostly village in Ohio. That is one reason why I chose Detroit, the different setting than back home. My parents think I only want to come here because of 1) Track, and 2) The vast selection of women (particularly black women). I don’t think they have any problem with me wanting to come here now.

Detroit is a lot nicer than what people say and starting out I thought it was going to be rough, however, my first few months have really made the picture clearer about how nice Detroit really is.

Jeffrey “The Exodus” Senecal


2 Responses to “Detroit”

  1. Hi, Jeff. Interesting post. Of course, one is curious about the situation you were in which could cause you to be the victim of a drive-by? However, it seems you have a good perspective on things. Any insight on the photo would also be helpful. You ARE however missing an outside source (despite your use of the textbook). You can add one by noon tomorrow (perhaps a statistic on crime to support your opinion or some insight on race?). If not, there is a deduction, according to the guidelines.

    ~Jenna G.

  2. I feel the same way, its nice to come somewhere and have a new start almost and forgetting some people back home. I like how it is very multi-cultural because I dont have that back home in the small town I come from. What everyone from back home thinks Detroit is, it isn’t like that at all, I enjoy it very much here.
    — E.Campbell

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