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Detroit– My home. January 28, 2010

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Detroit has always been my home. I am proud to say that I have been born and raised in here. It really sucks whenever I hear something negative about my hometown. Sure, it is known for its extremely high crime and poverty rates, but that is not all it has to offer. If you truly take the time to peel away all the negative aspects then you will be able to find the real beauties of Detroit. “It may surprise you that a place with such a tough and gritty reputation is home to many fine attractions, world-class entertainment, and a cultural fabric unlike that of any other city” (http://www.experiencedetroit.com/). 

Downtown Detroit, in my opinion, is so much fun to hang out. There are so many great restaurants and awesome landmarks. Here in Detroit, there is the DIA, the Science Center, Tigers Stadium, Joe Louis Arena, and so much more! If you know where to go and how to get around then you can really have fun and still feel safe. 

Detroit may not be as clean or productive as it used to be, but is anything truly what it used to be? It’s not fair to put Detroit down all the time. If all anyone can do is put Detroit down then how can we make some change? We must appreciate what we have and work with it. If everyone that lives here can truly love it for what it is then maybe Detroit can one day rebuild itself. The way we see certain structures allows us to associate them with economic and social class (Silverman and Rader 480). It is so easy to pass judgment when all we immediately see are broken down houses, abandon buildings and trash on the roads. However, that is not all Detroit has to show for itself. We must accept this city as a whole and give it the great reputation it once had.

Nayeli Garza.


6 Responses to “Detroit– My home.”

  1. I come to Detroit a lot for special occasions, whether it be for a birthday or a holiday. I have been to the DIA, the Science Center, Tiger’s Stadium, Joe Louis, and a bunch of other places. I have to agree with you! They are so much fun to be at, however, they are never busy! I wish more people would venture out of their normal routine and see how much is going on!

    Kristen D.

  2. I agree Detroit does have a lot to offer. I am happy to have grown up in such a place that is just real. It has no way of sugarcoating the way that things are, it gives you exactly how it is. I agree that there is beauty in Detroit but so many choose to only focus on the negative when in reality every where you go a city has its beauty and its flaws. No city is perfect any where, including Detroit.

    -Brittany M. Thomas

  3. hey Nayeli, i heard you went to Southwestern and i just wanted to tell you i went there to observe a class and i think that high school is absolutely stunning. It puts my high school to shame haha just thought id tell you

  4. i forgot to put my name lol

  5. Thanks, Nayeli. I agree that you can have AND be safe in this city. We need to hear from you about Detroit because you have so much experience. Really good use of the paraphrase.

    ~Jenna G.

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