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Detroit Rock City January 28, 2010

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After moving from my igloo and small town in Canada, I feel like I have adjusted to the Detroit City life fairly well… Ok so I don’t actually live in an igloo, but coming from a small town in Canada was a big transition for me to make. I had always had the dream to come to the United States on a Lacrosse scholarship, but never knew that that dream would be real one day. After getting offers from schools all over the U.S I chose to come here for a few reason, mainly the Lacrosse side of things and never thought twice about the area. When telling people where I was going they told me to watch my suroundings and to be careful, but isn’t that what you should do anywhere you go?

Often times when people are looking to move to a city, money can play a huge factor in where you decide to live. Detroit is known for its huge automotive industries, but is also home to a lot of big accounting firms. Unfortunately, many people that work for these companies, well the ones who make all the money anyways, are people who live outside the city. This meaning that all the people who live inside the city arent very wealthy and dont have the great jobs commuters do (Silverman and Rader 481). The cost of living in Detroit is very reasonable. “For a large city, Detroit has a surprisingly reasonable cost of living. The Cost of Living in Detroit is equal to the national average. One expense that is slightly higher is the cost of utilities, which is eight percent higher than the national average. However, the cost of utilities has a minimal impact on the overall cost of living.” This maybe being why a lot of lower class people live in the city, and maybe why people think the area is so bad.


E. Campbell


2 Responses to “Detroit Rock City”

  1. I like this a lot, E.C. (But you need a paraphrase from the book). You remind us, too, that we have as many stereotypes about rural living as there are about city folk with your igloo comment.

    ~Jenna G.

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