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Detroit, The city January 28, 2010

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Growing up in detroit, I have seen both the good and the bad, along with progress and also downfall. The city itself has tons of potential to be seen as the great place it once was. There are people here that are more than willing to help to rebuild it with the right tools and resources so that we can reclaim the name that we once held. Along with all of the possible positives that our city could have there is also a list of negative things that are bringing the city down. The previous mayor of the city has put us in more than $1 million worth of debt, the public school system was on a downslide with all of the teachers and administrators taking funds that weren’t even theirs, all of these things have caused the city to be in a worst state than what it should be. I believe that with new leaders and also help from the people within each community Detroit can turn things around for a better future, there is violence and crimes that happen every day but if there were more people that encouraged a positive outlook maybe the negative would decrease. We can turn the potential into a reality and use what we have to build bigger and better, in The World Is A Text it says “neglect can change public space, as well as new construction surrounding a previous design”(Silverman and Rader, 482). This relates to our current situation because now we are simply neglecting the space and potential, but with new designs and ideas the possibilities are endless.


Raymond L.


7 Responses to “Detroit, The city”

  1. I completely agree with everything you said about it having the potential and good people in the city 🙂

    -Caitlin Tefend

  2. If we want to make a change then we have to try. Detroit has so much potential and you’re right we can help rebuild this city with all the right tools.
    Nayeli Garza

  3. Detroit does have a lot of potential and has had its downfalls and has had its progress. There are good people in the city that have actually benefited and are proud of where they have come from. I happen to be one of those people, i just wish that people would try and focus on what Detroit has to offer opposed to the negative that is portrayed by the media and by people who have never lived or stepped foot in Detroit.

    -Brittany M. Thomas

  4. I agree, extreme changes needs to occur in order for the city to make progress.

  5. Nice post, Ray. One of the points that I am trying to get across to you guys is that there isn’t much that is all good or all bad. Most things come in shades of gray. So it is good that you mention both.

    A few notes on the writing: next time use your source. Where in your post is the info from link? Also, I asked for paraphrases from the textbook rather than quotes. However, that is one of the best phrases from the book for this assignment. I like that you explained it afterward and I think you could even take that explanation further.

    ~Jenna Gerds

  6. This is really nicely written. Youre right it has a ton of potential but we all need to pitch in to make it better. With time I think it will become a better place again.
    — E.Campbell

  7. Thanks everyone, and I did think of actually including the source within the post way after I finished. I’ll be sure to inlcude them in the future.

    Raymond L.

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