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Its so cold in the D January 28, 2010

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hey everyone,

So until a couple months ago i didnt spend too much time in Detroit unless i was visiting family. I know everyone gives Detroit all this crap because of its reputation and i know that i never gave it enough credit either, but i now have a whole new perspective about the city so many people call home. For my Intro to Education class, one of the requirements was that we visit a school to experience the classroom from a teachers perspective, considering thats what we all want to be in that class. The school i chose was Southwestern High School in Detroit http://www.detroit.k12.mi.us/schools/school/578 a family member is a teacher there and was more than willing to let me come observe her class. The first thing i thought walking in was this school is absolutely gorgeous. I come from a very small high school that was old, and not very well kept. This school though had so many beautiful qualities from the wood floors and big stairs to the high ceilings. I was in awe of how striking i thought it was. Now of course not all the kids were quite as beautiful haha, but i just could not get over how character the building had. I am a huge fan of old buildings and i love the look of older homes.  Often times when buildings give you a feeling, it is an intentional thing. The designers of the building you enter have every intention on giving you a certain feeling, whether it be good or bad (Silverman and Raders 481).  I found this very interesting because that happens to me a lot but i always just thought i was very observant haha i guess not.

-Breanna 🙂


3 Responses to “Its so cold in the D”

  1. I come from a very old, run down school as well. The building is well over 80 years old.

  2. I like how you worked in the paraphrase, Breanna. It would be great to talk about what problems you had with the kids? Details help. Maybe in class?

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