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Detroit Rock City January 29, 2010

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After moving from my igloo and small town in Canada, I feel like I have adjusted to the Detroit City life fairly well… Ok so I don’t actually live in an igloo, but coming from a small town in Canada was a big transition for me to make. I had always had the dream to come to the United States on a Lacrosse scholarship, but never knew that that dream would be real one day. After getting offers from schools all over the U.S I choose to come here for a few reasons, mainly the Lacrosse side of things and never thought twice about the area. When telling people where I was going they told me to watch my surroundings and to be careful, but isn’t that what you should do anywhere you go?


2 Responses to “Detroit Rock City”

  1. I didnt mean to post this and I dont know how to delete it… sorry.

  2. Hey…you go into the drafts like we practiced in class. Then you “trash” it.

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