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All Women Are Not Ment To Be Housewives February 16, 2010

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I am a woman who do not want to become a housewife. Although, I want to get married someday ,I cannot stand spending most of my time cleaning a house and taking care of kids. In order for me to become a housewife I have to be willing to be patient while working over ten hours a day. Because I lack patience, being a housewife is not an option for me.Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to attend college and earn a degree. I never, pictured myself as a homemaker. Instead,I was always an ambitious person who wanted to travel and do different things. I never, wanted to limit myself to one particular thing. In my opinion,becoming a housewife means giving up your dreams and ambition to care for you husband and children. You are pretty much scrafice almost everything you want or have accomplish, including your identity tocare for your family. When women decide to become housewives, they are choosing to leave the workforce to work at least twelve hours with no pay. In a society where women are highly ambitious, I consider myself to be one of them. I plan to continue my schooling up until I earn my Ph.D to increase my chances of having a high powered career. I also want to be financially independent and develop more skills which I would not be able to do if I was a housewife. I am a woman who believes that women can do anything, they have more options than becoming a housewife.  I have a lot going for me in my life that I do not plan on giving up.



Those Who Mind Don’t Matter…

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We all play a role in society and not everyone is going to agree with that role. Our peers teach us what the typically accepted norms are through praise and disapproval. In a way, this gives us a preconceived notion of who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to act, and what you’re supposed to say and sometimes, even feel.


My Little Brother Liked The Vest!


            Sex depends on what reproductive organs you are born with. Gender depends on where you take that – how you act; whether it’s feminine, or masculine. I guess this goes to show that gender is built (Silverman and Rader 428). Some guys consider themselves in between: metrosexual. According to the Encarta Dictionary, a metrosexual is, “a young, straight, sensitive urban man who is unashamed to enjoy good clothes, stylish living, the art of decorating, and improving his personal appearance.” Wow! I guess those are the guys who put tons of gel in their hair with the little “swoopy wave” thing they have going on at the top that people mistake for gay. External elements determine a lot of how someone views themselves and how others view them (Silverman and Rader 429).

            It is almost as though gender is based on majority rule. Most women wear dresses and make-up so if a man wear a dress or make-up, he would like to be portrayed as a female. In digression, this sort of relates to stereotypes. If a white male (Eminem) sags his pants and raps then he wants to be portrayed as a black male. What makes this a stereotype is that not all black males sag their pants and not all of them rap. Not all men wear dresses and not all women do. I saw a photo that was very stereotypical of male and females. Click here to see!!! —> http://www.lgbtsewisc.org/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/gender1.31481835_std.gif

            At some point in time, people disregard what others say and do what feels comfortable. And overall, that’s what gender is: feeling comfortable in your own skin. Let the little boy play with Barbie’s if he wants to. One day he might put them down and pick up a truck. Free will to be who you want to be in a world that isn’t always accepting of that.

Quote of the day:

“As far as I’m concerned, being any gender is a drag.” -Patti Smith

Lori E. Allan

Female on both accounts


Gender and Sexuality

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Gender and sexuality is one of the most controversial topics, as it should be it is not completely understood or accepted by many. Though they are both involved in controversy gender and sexuality are two totally different things. With gender it is more about your sex throughout your life and sexuality is the way that you were preceived at birth . “When we use gender we refer to socially constructed behaviors identify tags such as feminine and masculine”(Silverman and Radar 427). Being put into the catergory of  femine and masculine is the way that society has decided that everyone should be. It always seems to be a problem when males express themselve in any kind of femine way but it is okay for a female to have some tomboy tendencies. Though it is unfair that is the way that everything seems to play out. “Feminism(or femisms) can and should be supported by both men and women”(Silverman and Radar 430). The whole debate of most arguments refering to men and women is that men and women should be treated the same and there should be no judgement,but in regards to gender and sexuality there seems to be no equality. Either your a masculine boy or you are not categorized as the “RIGHT” way. There is completely a double standard, which is totally unfair and useless. Sexuality and gender has way more authority in controversy than it should. Mostly it comes from the minds of people who think that people are suppose to live a certain way, mainly closed minded. But Sexuality should depend on you and what makes you happy.

-Brittany M. Thomas



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Although I do agree with you all that everyone in our human race should be able to do whatever they wish in order to make themselves happy, I don’t think i completely agree with the number of posts that claim that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. I must say that I am partial to the side of this age old argument that says a homosexual is born with some type of difference in their genetic make up that makes them attracted to same sex. With this said, yes, I do think there could be exceptions, just like there is for everything else in life. For example, although I do believe that one’s environment and surroundings contribute to their lifestyle choices and ultimately, what kind of life they live, I do not believe that this type of environmental influence could determine the gender choices of an individual unless it was stressed by an entire community that the only acceptable way to live your life is as a homosexual. It seems a little of a far fetched example, but you could also argue that it’s a bit inconceivable that social influence could persuade me into becoming a homosexual. I also have a strong belief that people well into adulthood who ‘decide’ that they are gay either, had not had enough intimate encounters beforehand to determine which sex held their true interest, or, for the reason that could be supported by The World is a Text, in which it reads “gender has become one of the most hotly contested subjects in recent American culture” (Silverman and Rader 427), that today’s youth and young adults crave attention, be it positive or negative. With gender being one of the most talked about issues, acting ‘out of the norm’ could gain one endless attention both from supporters and homophobics the like.
http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/HTML/facts_mental_health.HTML<—&#8211; In support that it’s not a choice.

-Jake Morse


Are YOU already America’s Next Top Model?!

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The question posed in TWiaT (as prof jenna wrote haha), “Why is there societal pressure on women being thin?” really got me thinking why that is so. As a female, I think there is so much pressure on females as a whole to look good and to be America’s Next Top Model. Even though many, if not all of us, will not make it; it definitely is a common goal for most girls I know. It takes women so long to get ready and its because there are more aspects to us that we need to perfect. Whereas men, they can shower, shave, get dressed and call it good. Looking at women being pressured to be thin is 100% correct and part of everyday society. You always hear about girls becoming anorexic and having eating disorders, but you never hear about men having them. From a biological stand point, it seems that men always have a higher metabolism and can eat whatever they want. They play sports and are active. Women that aren’t necessarily involved in sports as they are older, but can still work out and stay active, do typically have to watch what they eat or at least make it a point to. In all of the ‘woman’ magazines (ie. Cosmo, Seventeen, Women’s Health, Vogue, and so on…) you see plastered all over are skinny, fit, good looking women. There are tricks to fast abs, toning this and that and eating right. The idea of women being skinny is repetitive all throughout the media. The pressure is on women more so than men. It seems that it comes easier for men to stay skinny and in shape whereas women typically have to work on it to stay fit. As mentioned by Silverman and Rader, we all do involve ourselves with stereotypes and without noticing it we make assumptions about people we see (Silverman and Rader 429). I associate big and strong with men and skinny and fit with women. Its just how society has evolved and how more and more each individual is becoming more like the stereotypes as they get older.

–Samantha Laird



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I used to do pageants, and supporters of pageants are primarily gay men, and then women.  I never really cared to understand the logic behind being gay or lesbian, but doing pageants enlightened me about it.  My trainer lived in Tennessee, and I went and visited him at his home where he and his boyfriend lived.  I knew he was gay but it meant nothing to me until I went to his house.  He and his boyfriend lived together, and they were more normal than any other couple I’ve ever known.  They love like we love, they care like we care, and they want like we want.  The one thing that struck me the most was when someone told me, “If his partner was in the hospital dying, that he would not be allowed in the room.”  Why is that fair.  You can not help who you love, and to deny someone to be with the person they love, even at the request of the patient, is totally wrong.  Ever since I heard that, it really hit me hard.  I completely changed my views about gay and lesbian couples.  I do, however, still admit, it’s weird to look at, but I don’t think that’s wrong on my part.  I was raised around such strong religious believers, and my friends were too.  “Perhaps the most influential source for our gender roles comes from our own families.” (Silverman and Rader 430)  Sometimes, I can’t understand transgender, or sex changes, but at least I know now not to judge.

Kristen Danyal


Everyone is Different.

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When I was younger, i would have definitly classified myself as a tomboy. I was always playing outside, climbing up trees, and causing chaos in the neighborhood with all of the other little boys. Basically I fit in with them and I loved being just one of the guys. But now as I am older I am nothing like that. I love being girly and getting all dressed up. I didn’t have to grow up playing with barbies to be who I am today. I mean of course I still have a little tom boy left in me but its not like im going to automatically change into a boy just because I thats how I acted when I was younger. And same goes for boys that played with dolls or took dance at an early age. That same boy who danced could be an amazing basketball player now just because of all the balance and graceful techniques that he required while in dance. In the book The World is a Text,  Silverman and Radar talk about how we as people carry so many assumptions about gender before they even fully understand it. I believe that we will never really understand  what gender means or how our own gender is determined because everyone is different. I feel that everyone should just be there own person and do whatever makes them happy in life. And if that means dressing like a boy if you are a girl or playing with dolls as a young boy, i say go for it. No one should judge people on their gender because everyone is different in their own way.

-Brittany Cifka:)