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Double Standards are STUPID! February 15, 2010

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Gender and Sexuality are two totally different things. Sexuality has to do with the physical biologically aspect. However, according to our textbook gender is “built, invented, and created” (Silverman & Rader 428). You are born either male or female (sexuality) and then however you are raised “constructs” your gender.  This is when the whole gender role thing comes about. Gender roles are the things that women and men are supposed to do according to what is right with society. Little boys are supposed to play with cars, balls, and action figures. Little girls are supposed to play with Barbie dolls and other dolls, cooking sets, and play dress up. Society makes its wrong for little boys to even pick up a doll, but its ok for little girls to play with action figures. There are many stereotypes about what women should do and what men should do and anything outside of those stereotypes are “wrong” according to society. Women are tradition supposed to be the housewives and cook, clean, and take care of the children. There isn’t anything wrong with doing this, but this isn’t all that women can do. The people who influences us the most about our gender roles are those closest to us, mothers, fathers, and other family members and care takers (Silverman & Rader 430). As we grow up, we observe our parents and other care takers and since this is all we know, we assume that this is the normal of what we as men and women are supposed to do. There is a big double standard in society where boys and men are superior to girls and boys. It is believed that women can’t do the same things that men can do, which is extremely false. In today’s 21 century society, women can do just as much as men can do and in some cases women can do even better than men. The one that I find to be the crazy is the double standard about dating, being players, and sex. I don’t understand why it is okay for anybody male or female to cheat and play someone of the opposite sex. However, for some reason it is acceptable for a boy to be a player and switch from girl to girl, but if a girl does the same thing they get talked about and called hoes. Girls aren’t allowed to date as early as boys, which I never understand because if the boys are dating at younger ages than girl who are these boys going to date. The thing about sex doesn’t make sense either. For some strange reason society seems to always make it seem like its ok for boys to have sex, but they show the exact opposite for girl. On many movies and TV shows, they always showing the dad or father figure having “the talk” with the teenage boy telling him that its ok for them to have sex and it will the mom or mother figure telling the daughter that they shouldn’t have sex and they should wait for marriage. Once again, who are these boys who are being encouraged to have sex supposed to ha v e sex with. I was once told that girls should hold themselves to a higher standard. However, my thought on this is that everyone should hold their selves to a high standard. According to society it is more acceptable and even glorified for a boy to lose his virginity at a young age. Boys are even referred to as “the man” when this happens. Girls on the other hand who lose their virginity at a young are shamed, ridiculed, and called names such as slut, whore, or hoe. The outrageous double standard of the world is unbelievable. I personally think that if a boy wants to play with a doll, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I believe that a boy who plays with dolls or stuffed animals will make good and nurturing fathers someday. I think the society adds unnecessary pressures to life, but no matter how close to equal we get the equality between men and woman will never be the same.

-Arielle K.                                             


7 Responses to “Double Standards are STUPID!”

  1. I agree with you double standards are so dumb! whats the point? everyone should be treated equally no matter what sex they are!!!!
    -Geri Gabrielson

  2. I also agree that all people should be treated equally. Its a free world yo. Some people just dont understand normal thinking, and it brings the world down.

    kevin cunningham

  3. I definitely agree with you about the double standard. Is it bad that there are women in this world that are mothers of 3, married and are star athletes?

    Danielle Harteau

  4. I absolutely agree with you about the double standards thing. Its hard knowing that people cant accept others for who they are. Thats what gets me the most.


  5. I like the post as well. I think that you can’t have something a certain way for somebody and simply change it for another person. Ideas and perspectives should stay the same regardless of who the person is.

    Raymond L.

  6. I agree with you & everyone else– double standards are so stupid. It makes everything else so unfair! I have a brother and he always seems to get away with so much more than me like when it comes to staying out late or going wherever he wants. It’s more unfair because he’s 3 yrs YOUNGER than me!!
    Nayeli Garza

  7. Nice post, Arielle. We simply must talk about the dating double standard in class. I also thought you picked great portions of the book to work with.

    ~Jenna G.

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