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What’s the Difference? February 15, 2010

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Gender and sexuality are both very similar ideas and or concepts but in order to understand either one must first come to know the differences between the two. Growing up, I was shown and taught the things that I should and should not like but I also gravitated towards certain things that more or less felt right. Society can be filled with pressure and its own ideas but I feel that as you grow as an individual some things come naturally when it comes to the point of making certain decisions. In my opinion the idea of gender is best viewed through the different gender roles that each sex plays in society. Gender roles in particular refers to a certain type of attitude that affects a persons behavior, and I think that as a young boy when you see your father taking out the trash and mowing the lawn it instills that attitude of being a man. The same idea applies to young girls when they see their mother in a dress or cleaning up around the house they may not have a desire to do the same things but what you see sometimes is what you expect. Sexuality, on the other hand can be understood differently in that it is seen as the traits a person has that makes them different from the opposite sex, be it male or female. I believe that sexuality should be seen through the biological aspect of life and that gender is more the psychological view towards the life that a person will lead.  This concept is best explained by words such as the identity tags we recieve like feminine and masculine as described in chapter 6 about gender (Silverman and Rader, 427). In today’s world whether or not one is a man or woman has become a decision instead of like in past times in which there really was no choice.

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Raymond L.


4 Responses to “What’s the Difference?”

  1. I agree that a lot has to do with what you’re taught. Enviornment always plays a key factor in everything.
    Nayeli Garza

  2. I agree with both of you! Enviornment is huge. Its a cycle. What your grandma or grandpa taught your mom or dad is what she’s going to teach you and what you’re probably going to teach your children.

    Alexandria V.

  3. I agree, the environment plays a huge part in kids lives and the decisions they make, but there is still that piece that they’re born with that will direct them in the area that they are supposed to be in. I believe you are born the way you are and not much can change that. Good writing!

    E. Campbell

  4. Nice post, Ray. Like I said on Jake’s post, for your fellow classmates who might not be inclined to follow your link, tell us a little about what your source is at the end next time. (But you get full credit regardless).

    ~Jenna G.

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