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“You’re gay.” “Yes, I am.” February 15, 2010

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One subject we touched on in class, but didnt necessarily get too in depth about was homosexuality.  As someone is very close with many gays, i feel very strongly about the subject. “Women are better communicators, men are stronger; men like power tools, women like chick flicks” (Silverman Rader 429).  A majority of society thinks that this is the one and only way people should be. Granted most of society is this way, but what about the minority? They are so judged and it honestly is heartbreaking for me to see those that i care about very much get treated as though they are not real human beings. Of everyone that i have talked to who is homosexual, not a single person chose to be that way. They all feel as though they were born with it and grew up with some kind of sense, but obviously as a kid it is hard to place. This is also a fact, just because someone is gay, does not mean that they think every person of the same gender is attractive. Its funny to me that people who are not dumb think things such as these. Common sense everyone, common sense.  I dont care what anyone says i am all for gay rights. I know i was taught as a catholic that this was against God and against our faith, i dont care. I have seen people suffer for something that is not their fault. The Bible says that it is ok to have feelings towards those of the same gender, but it is a sin when you act on them. Yea ok, cause thats so easy to do right? I could write about this for hours but the bottom line is to not look down upon someone for who they really are. And im sure there are many people who have the same perspective as me so im not trying to say that everyone thinks badly of gays, im just speaking from the negative opinions that i have heard firsthand. But in short I LOVE THE GAYS, and everyone should have the privilege of having different kinds of people such as themselves in your life because they truly do bring a new light to everything.



7 Responses to ““You’re gay.” “Yes, I am.””

  1. I used to not agree with gay rights I will admit, but recently I have come to think the complete opposite. However, people always used to argue the way you are right now about it, and it never got across to me. It always sounded like defensive people, and my natural instinct was to just be defensive back. It took an actual gay person to sit down with me and explain to me the hardships of being gay. Since then, I have completely changed my thoughts. I can see where the frustration comes from, and I sometimes find myself wanting to do the same thing. The one lesson I learned, and I am a prime example of this, is that people will always be defensive first, but if they can find out on their own without it being forced down their throat, they will come around. God is all loving and it is not for us to judge. Nobody knows what is right and what is wrong, but that is the power of faith. Good post, really got me reflecting on myself.

    Kristen D.

  2. I’m strong in my beliefs of being a Christian and I’m just curious what reference you have from the Bible that says its okay to have feelings for the same sex. If this sounds rude in anyway I’m sorry those are my last intentions but I’ve read through the entire Bible and there is so much complex ideas and parables that can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. I’m not saying to strike down and codemn all the homosexuals. We are made in the image of God he made Adam and Eve for a reason but they sinned which allowed sin to enter into the world. All sin is the same in God’s eye and we all fall short in the glory of God. God did no wrong in his life and we are suppose to live like him. I personally am very old school I admit and I’m proud of it. I don’t believe in gay marriage but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go hate on all the homosexual people in the world we are suppose to show love and kindness to everyone. Again if this sounded rude in anyway that is not what I am aiming for this is just my opinion on the subject as we all have different ones.

    Olivia Lewis

  3. One of my bestfriends is bi and when she first told me i was kinda unsure of how i felt about or how i should react to it. I was afraid that she would try to come on to me or that she would try to turn me, but one day when we were talking she told me that being gay or bi or whatever you are doesn’t mean that they are attracted to everyone they see. She told me i wasn’t her type. At first i was kinda mad about that, but then i realized that that meant we could continue to be friends. She is still one of my bestfriends to this day…
    -Arielle K.

  4. I have a lot of gay friends as well. I believe that they can’t help what they are feeling towards other people and if they like the same sex then that’s fine. Sometimes you just can’t help who you love. And as for christian beliefs, I am a christian but as for the whole homosexual issue, I believe that you should be allowed to do whatever you please.

    -Brittany Cifka

  5. Kristen- i do absolutely think youre right about not shoving opinions down other peoples throats, i apologize if that is how i came off. I have a tendency to get overly enthusiastic about the subject, but im glad you enjoyed reading it.

    Olivia- i completely respect your opinion on the subject and i also grew up catholic. As far as refrencing the Bible goes, I cant remember exactly where it is in the Bible, i just know we have discussed it various times in my religion class.

    Arielle and Brittany- Im not sure how you guys feel but i enjoy having gay friends and although it was not the easiest thing for me to accept, having an open mind helped a lot. Arielle, Im glad you guys are still good friends, friendships should always be cherished. Brittany, I feel the same way as far as christians and homosexuality. I guess i view it as a flaw that they are born with. Everyone has them, its all about how you live with that flaw.

  6. I think this post and all the responses to it are quite wonderful. You guys showed that you were able to disagree and still remain sensitive to each other’s feelings.

    I’ve never done this before, but if someone wants to bring in Bible verses that support or negate views on homosexuality, we can talk about it in detail. We can’t really have an intelligent discussion without going back to the source, right? In addition, we’ll talk about non-religious cultural and biological elements of this issue.

    Good work Breanna (and Kristen, Olivia, Arielle and Brittany).

    ~Jenna G.

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