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All Women Are Not Ment To Be Housewives February 16, 2010

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I am a woman who do not want to become a housewife. Although, I want to get married someday ,I cannot stand spending most of my time cleaning a house and taking care of kids. In order for me to become a housewife I have to be willing to be patient while working over ten hours a day. Because I lack patience, being a housewife is not an option for me.Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to attend college and earn a degree. I never, pictured myself as a homemaker. Instead,I was always an ambitious person who wanted to travel and do different things. I never, wanted to limit myself to one particular thing. In my opinion,becoming a housewife means giving up your dreams and ambition to care for you husband and children. You are pretty much scrafice almost everything you want or have accomplish, including your identity tocare for your family. When women decide to become housewives, they are choosing to leave the workforce to work at least twelve hours with no pay. In a society where women are highly ambitious, I consider myself to be one of them. I plan to continue my schooling up until I earn my Ph.D to increase my chances of having a high powered career. I also want to be financially independent and develop more skills which I would not be able to do if I was a housewife. I am a woman who believes that women can do anything, they have more options than becoming a housewife.  I have a lot going for me in my life that I do not plan on giving up.



3 Responses to “All Women Are Not Ment To Be Housewives”

  1. I agree.. it works for some people to be houswives but i really dont feel as if that is for me. I would rather work than sit home everyday rotting, because eventually the children go off to school, then what?

    _Brittany M. Thomas

  2. Jenna G. Says:

    Thanks, DDM. Nice post.

  3. Oh, also DDM, you need to include a quote or paraphrase from The World is a Text. I’ll give you until tomorrow to do this, if not refer to the guidelines.

    ~Jenna G

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