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Are YOU already America’s Next Top Model?! February 16, 2010

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The question posed in TWiaT (as prof jenna wrote haha), “Why is there societal pressure on women being thin?” really got me thinking why that is so. As a female, I think there is so much pressure on females as a whole to look good and to be America’s Next Top Model. Even though many, if not all of us, will not make it; it definitely is a common goal for most girls I know. It takes women so long to get ready and its because there are more aspects to us that we need to perfect. Whereas men, they can shower, shave, get dressed and call it good. Looking at women being pressured to be thin is 100% correct and part of everyday society. You always hear about girls becoming anorexic and having eating disorders, but you never hear about men having them. From a biological stand point, it seems that men always have a higher metabolism and can eat whatever they want. They play sports and are active. Women that aren’t necessarily involved in sports as they are older, but can still work out and stay active, do typically have to watch what they eat or at least make it a point to. In all of the ‘woman’ magazines (ie. Cosmo, Seventeen, Women’s Health, Vogue, and so on…) you see plastered all over are skinny, fit, good looking women. There are tricks to fast abs, toning this and that and eating right. The idea of women being skinny is repetitive all throughout the media. The pressure is on women more so than men. It seems that it comes easier for men to stay skinny and in shape whereas women typically have to work on it to stay fit. As mentioned by Silverman and Rader, we all do involve ourselves with stereotypes and without noticing it we make assumptions about people we see (Silverman and Rader 429). I associate big and strong with men and skinny and fit with women. Its just how society has evolved and how more and more each individual is becoming more like the stereotypes as they get older.

–Samantha Laird


3 Responses to “Are YOU already America’s Next Top Model?!”

  1. I agree, females are judge by males based on their looks. It is not right for women to think that they have to be thin in order to fit into society. DMMullen.

  2. Interesting post, Sam. And I guess we could call it TwiT or WiT, too? Whatever works. 🙂

    I would be interested to see if guys feel the kind of pressure to look good that you describe here, too?

    ~Jenna G.

  3. Are there ever any GUYS on America’s Next Top Model? I wouldn’t know… I don’t watch it.
    But I usually care a lot about my appearance like girls. I spend a lot of time looking into the mirror to make sure my hair is looking good, or my facial hair is nice (since i’m not allowed to shave), or even just to try new looks with my hair/facial hair.


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