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Everyone is Different. February 16, 2010

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When I was younger, i would have definitly classified myself as a tomboy. I was always playing outside, climbing up trees, and causing chaos in the neighborhood with all of the other little boys. Basically I fit in with them and I loved being just one of the guys. But now as I am older I am nothing like that. I love being girly and getting all dressed up. I didn’t have to grow up playing with barbies to be who I am today. I mean of course I still have a little tom boy left in me but its not like im going to automatically change into a boy just because I thats how I acted when I was younger. And same goes for boys that played with dolls or took dance at an early age. That same boy who danced could be an amazing basketball player now just because of all the balance and graceful techniques that he required while in dance. In the book The World is a Text,  Silverman and Radar talk about how we as people carry so many assumptions about gender before they even fully understand it. I believe that we will never really understand  what gender means or how our own gender is determined because everyone is different. I feel that everyone should just be there own person and do whatever makes them happy in life. And if that means dressing like a boy if you are a girl or playing with dolls as a young boy, i say go for it. No one should judge people on their gender because everyone is different in their own way.

-Brittany Cifka:)


4 Responses to “Everyone is Different.”

  1. its wierd you saying that brit because honestly i could never picture you being a tomboy. but thats cool how we can be both if we really want to.

    tyler staruch

  2. I was very active in sports when I was a kid. However, enjoyed doing girly things such as playing with my dolls and baking. You make a good point, not all women are girly.

  3. I was a tomboy too.

  4. Nice post, Brittany. I think the thing that you did that was most interesting was applied the same principles of a tomboy to guys, but in reverse. You make a good point with that analogy.

    ~Jenna G.

    P.S. that second comment needs to get signed for credit!

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