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Gender and Sexuality February 16, 2010

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Gender and sexuality is one of the most controversial topics, as it should be it is not completely understood or accepted by many. Though they are both involved in controversy gender and sexuality are two totally different things. With gender it is more about your sex throughout your life and sexuality is the way that you were preceived at birth . “When we use gender we refer to socially constructed behaviors identify tags such as feminine and masculine”(Silverman and Radar 427). Being put into the catergory of  femine and masculine is the way that society has decided that everyone should be. It always seems to be a problem when males express themselve in any kind of femine way but it is okay for a female to have some tomboy tendencies. Though it is unfair that is the way that everything seems to play out. “Feminism(or femisms) can and should be supported by both men and women”(Silverman and Radar 430). The whole debate of most arguments refering to men and women is that men and women should be treated the same and there should be no judgement,but in regards to gender and sexuality there seems to be no equality. Either your a masculine boy or you are not categorized as the “RIGHT” way. There is completely a double standard, which is totally unfair and useless. Sexuality and gender has way more authority in controversy than it should. Mostly it comes from the minds of people who think that people are suppose to live a certain way, mainly closed minded. But Sexuality should depend on you and what makes you happy.

-Brittany M. Thomas


One Response to “Gender and Sexuality”

  1. Alright, Brittany. Thanks. Hopefully we can talk about double standards in class.

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