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Gender February 16, 2010

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Although I do agree with you all that everyone in our human race should be able to do whatever they wish in order to make themselves happy, I don’t think i completely agree with the number of posts that claim that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. I must say that I am partial to the side of this age old argument that says a homosexual is born with some type of difference in their genetic make up that makes them attracted to same sex. With this said, yes, I do think there could be exceptions, just like there is for everything else in life. For example, although I do believe that one’s environment and surroundings contribute to their lifestyle choices and ultimately, what kind of life they live, I do not believe that this type of environmental influence could determine the gender choices of an individual unless it was stressed by an entire community that the only acceptable way to live your life is as a homosexual. It seems a little of a far fetched example, but you could also argue that it’s a bit inconceivable that social influence could persuade me into becoming a homosexual. I also have a strong belief that people well into adulthood who ‘decide’ that they are gay either, had not had enough intimate encounters beforehand to determine which sex held their true interest, or, for the reason that could be supported by The World is a Text, in which it reads “gender has become one of the most hotly contested subjects in recent American culture” (Silverman and Rader 427), that today’s youth and young adults crave attention, be it positive or negative. With gender being one of the most talked about issues, acting ‘out of the norm’ could gain one endless attention both from supporters and homophobics the like.
http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/HTML/facts_mental_health.HTML<—&#8211; In support that it’s not a choice.

-Jake Morse


One Response to “Gender”

  1. Thank you, Jake. I have yet to get to the debates you refer to….I think we’ll need to touch on these in class, huh? Good use of Silverman. For those of your classmates not inclined to seek out your source, a brief summary might help at the end there.

    ~Jenna G.

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