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Yea, I’ve seen the Notebook. And yes, i liked it. February 16, 2010

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Not going to lie, to most people. my friends and I look like the stereotypical jocks. Always hanging out with each other, talking about football and hot chicks and cars. But i guarantee that there are a lot of things assumed about my friends and i that are not true. Like in The World is a Text, it says that men and women’s assumed roles in society define our behaviors, such as men being tough and strong, while women being refined and more caring. But i can also tell you that men also hide a lot of things they have done. I bet if you ask most of my friends if they have ever done something that people think is “feminine” or “gay”, they will say yes. How many tough guys do you think have seen the notebook but have never openly admitted it? Or any other chick flick? Whether it was because a girl wanted to see it, or even, God forbid, they wanted to. Yet we as guys never openly admit to it because of these social pressures we put ourselves under. We would never suggest to our group of friends to go see the same movie we told our girlfriends we wanted to go see. I believe this just shows how we want to be viewed by different people. When we are with a group of guys, we want to viewed as the stereotypic guy. But i think when we are around girls we naturally switch to a more sensitive type because that is who we are surrounded by. Like for me personally, i would feel more comfortable watching a chick flick with a bunch of girls, and not comfortable even if there was only one guy in the room with me. so i believe our surroundings help define our behaviors.

tyler staruch


2 Responses to “Yea, I’ve seen the Notebook. And yes, i liked it.”

  1. I am proud of you for steping up to the plate and not being afraid to say that you liked watching the Notebook. I also get what your saying about being the stereo-typical jock. People grow up stereotyping people and sometimes those judgments can be so wrong and the person is actually the complete opposite from the stereotype. Good blog:)

    -Brittany Cifka

  2. Nice post, Tyler. And I’ll agree with Brittany, too. What is interesting, too, is that you note how we can turn gender on and off, depending on the circumstances. I think that alone shows that it isn’t a TOTALLY natural and biologically function.

    ~Jenna G.

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