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A Caucasian Mutt?! March 1, 2010

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                I am Caucasian and my family consists of crazy Polocks, loving Germans, wild Scandinavians and strong French Canadians. I am the definition of a family oriented person. My family is one of the main factors in what makes me who I am. My values, ideas, rules, religion, and traditions are all affected by my family and are also some of the things that make me who I am. My race and ethnicity are also big factors in what makes me, me. I actually never realized how much my race truly affects me. People are treated differently based solely on what race they are. I am treated differently than what someone of a different race would be treated. I have learned to accept how people view me, which reflects through who I am as a person. Everyone is biologically made the same and we all have the same basic anatomical parts as one another. But we are still viewed completely different based on what race and ethnicity we are (Silverman & Rader 267). I feel this adds to all of our definitions of what make us our own person. Ethnicity definitely affects me as a person, starting with what foods my family eats to how we celebrate certain holidays. Ethnicity also affects my family’s traditions and how we live our everyday lives. I am a Caucasian who is made up of four different ethnicities, and who loves her family. I have many little things that make up me as a person, but these are the three main things that contribute to exactly who I am.

-Geri Gabrielson


4 Responses to “A Caucasian Mutt?!”

  1. im polish and french canadian too!! 🙂

    -Caitlin T

  2. I agree with this, many people just look at someone and think that they know a lot about their life because of their skin colour, even though there are a lot of things they dont know.

    -Jordan Houtby

  3. When Iwas in kindergarten, a little boy in my class said I couldn’t be black and then when he say my mom he told me that he knew I wasn’t back with my mom being as light as she is. He called me a mutt! I was so hurt that day. So, I punched him… He never said it again!!!
    -Arielle K.

  4. Nice post, Geri. It is interesting that you note that even though you haven’t realized it until recently, other people perceive your race, whether you care about it yourself or not.

    ~Jenna G.

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