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We are all the same March 1, 2010

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When i think about race and ethnicity i am amazed how much peoples thoughts have changed when they get older. When i think back the the kid years, where it didn’t matter what your skin color was or what you looked like, you were just another kid to play with at recess. But as we got older things started to change for some reason and now that i think about it, i noticed that people began to hangout with mostly their own race.

I feel that this happened because as everyone gets older, peoples eyes begin to widen and they begin to look at things that didn’t really matter to them years before. Once they notice the race difference, people are more comfortable hanging out with people that are like them. Once these groups have been made, it is hard for outsiders or people of a different race to enter these groups. These groups then start to stereotype the other groups.

To me race has never been something that chose my friends. Growing up i have had friends that are all different races, and we are still friends to this day. I truly believe that race has nothing to do with a persons identity, because i have met people of all different races and they act different from another person who is the same race as them. The things that create your identity are your surroundings. As humans, we are ALL more alike then we are different (Silverman Rader 267). I feel that it is a waste of time judging people on their skin color when there is a good chance they are much like yourself.

-Jordan Houtby


5 Responses to “We are all the same”

  1. I like your introduction. I try to think like a kid all the time and I sometimes learn more from that.

    kevin cunningham

  2. It is very true as people get older they tend to “stick with their own.” And they shouldn’t. Keep that little naive kid in ya! :-]

    ~Alexandria V.

  3. I like how you say that race has never been what chose your friends. A diverse group of friends makes me appreciate life more. I get to exeperience a great varietty of things from them such as traditions to their music.

    Lori E. Allan

  4. I like how in your blog that you say how as we get older our eyes widen to the world and we start to seperate oursleves by race. That same thing happened in my school where everyone hung out with eachother when we were younger but then as we got older we started to grow apart and hang out with people who had the same skin color or ethnicity as us. I feel like we should try and stop this from happening:)

    -Brittany Cifka

  5. Nice post, Jordan. The idea of self-segregation is often true and often studied. Maybe, as your comment-ers seem to show, there is a point once you get even older, where differences close up again?

    ~Jenna G.

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