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We are March 1, 2010

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Within the first five minutes of talking to a stranger I usually ask what ethnicity they are. Ethnicity means a lot to me, but I never hold it against anyone. I’m the kind of person that remembers their roots simply because I cannot deny them . My mother was the first person on her side of the family to be born outside of Ireland. As a result, the majority of my family lives in Ireland and that factor had a play on my upbringings. Since my mothers parents were from Ireland I was raised in an Irish household. At a young age my Irish grandfather told me that “it doesn’t matter where the hell your from, it’s where your going”. This old sang  opened my eyes to accept people for who they are, even when ones ethnicty is obvious.

As I stated before, ethnicity means a lot to me. It can tell you about a person to some degree. I mean this in the best way possible because I believe everyone should be proud of their roots. On the other hand, some people hold too strong to their roots and find most abnormal behavior of sub-cultures deviant. History has proven countless times that,  beliefs tied to specific ethnicities can lead to blindness of reality. “To an overwhelming degree, these experiences are socially constructed”(Silverman Rader 267). In other words, it is society that creates ridiculous stereotypes and prejudice, in context to the world. While some people choose to stare at the treeline, I was raised to look at the horizon.

kevin cunningham


2 Responses to “We are”

  1. That is so funny, I do the same thing. I ask someone what ethnicity they are right away, because I like to see the relationship to who they are and how it relates to what I know of their nationality. That only goes to show that I really do find nationality to play a big role in someone’s character. I also find myself asking SOOO many questions about their culture because I am so curious to see how it can make a person who they are.

    Kristen Danyal

  2. Interesting, Kevin. So you and Kristen get race and ethnicity out in the open right off the bat, huh? I am curious, how can we tell whether or not ethnicity means to much, not enough, or just the right amount to a person? It would help to say why you think it is very important. But nice post.

    ~Jenna G.

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