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where i’m from… March 1, 2010

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Caitlin Tefend. I have a family, and we have a story. My family is french canadian, irish, and polish. I have a lot of family up in canada, and also some in poland as well. My family’s last name is “Quinn.”  My family is obviously one of them. I feel that my identity does not have too much to do with my heritage however. My family and I don’t practice too much of the polish, or irish traditions, however, we find that sometimes in our behavior or in our personality, it shines through. Identity I feel is something you achieve and make through your personality. So my identity is a family orientated, outgoing, exciting woman, and I hope I never lose my identity. My family is so important to me, and my boyfriend as well. I value my friends and my life in general. My family means more to me than anything, and I am so happy when im around them!  I have a huge family. My mother is one of eleven, so therefore my extended family is very big! I only have 2 brothers who are younger, so my cousins and my aunts are all close to me. “My views on family are dependant on my personal relationships with other people” (silverman and radar 272). I feel that family is an essential part of life, and I feel that they make me who I am, not my heritage. Another thing that is important to me is my boyfriend. We have been together for a long time, and we are grade school sweethearts. We adore eachother. “Relationships are vital” (silverman and radar 608). I feel this quote is so true, because my relationship with not only my boyfriend, but also with my family are so important to me, and I feel they are so vital for life. These are the types of things that make up my life.

 -Caitlin Tefend


4 Responses to “where i’m from…”

  1. Kasyno means casino in polish. I know thats random but one of the polish exchanged kids told me so I though it could be useful if you decide to go to a kasyno in poland.

    kevin cunningham

  2. It seems as though you let your personality shine through as to the person that you are and not stereoypes, which is good and i agree i don’t feel as though my identity has alot to do with my heritage, its just who i am.. 🙂

    Brittany M. Thomas

  3. I also have a large family & I am very close to them. I think family is most important, for sure! I think family makes life more exciting 🙂

    Nayeli Garza.

  4. Nice post, Caitlin. The family crest was a great touch, too.

    ~Jenna G.

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