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Objects may not be what they appear to be March 2, 2010

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Well, my identity is kind of complex is suppose. I’m not really sure what it is even yet. I know I’m of Irish, German, and Cherokee nationalities but that don’t really mean very much to me because my family don’t really hold many of their traditions. Race does not matter at all to me, nor does ethnicity. I can be in a room with six black people and be the only white person in there and not even notice. “White people wrongly, and often tragicaly, assumed blaces were inferior or that American Indians were ‘savages'” (Silverman and Rader 268). I know that many blacks are proud to be black because of their troubled past, but I am not proud to be white. Anyways, most of my friends are black and all my girlfriends have been black so I guess it has just made me color blind on the issue of race. One thing that I do identify with is my religion. I am Roman Catholic and I am proud to be Catholic. Catholicism and Family are two things that really help me identify myself. Family life is an important aspect of my life as well as deepening my relationship with God and solidifying my faith. Another major thing that identifies me is athletics. I am proud of being an athlete and I cannot imagine not being an athlete. I’ve been doing sports my whole life almost and I plan to continue doing sports until I die. If how I feel is how I defined me, I would be an athletic Catholic guy who is a family man but not restricted to being just one race.

-Jeffrey Senecal


One Response to “Objects may not be what they appear to be”

  1. Nice post, great title, Jeffrey. I hope we get to the explore the idea of “white guilt” or not being proud of whiteness. Very interesting.

    ~Jenna G.

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