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Being a product of my family, nationality, and culture is my cliche. March 2, 2010

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My nationality is very saturated in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  Most of the Chaldeans in Michigan reside among fifteen miles of each other.  Being that we are so densly populated in the area, our families looked to each other for support in a place they knew nothing of.  When you are so tightly packed within a community, who share the same beliefs, and practice the same ideas, it is only natural to follow the trends they set.  My family is heavily influences by the Chaldean culture, and I am influenced by my family.  By default, I am a product of my community, and I think this is what plays a major role in who I am today.  When talking about my beliefs and practices, I often refer to my family and culture.  Race and ethnicity, even if socially directed, guide a great portion of our public life. (Silverman & Radar 268) Things that we (Chaldeans in general) thrive on are religion, morals, and hard work.  My family always tells me to stand by my convictions, and not to stray off to the ethnocentric ways of the American culture.  People would describe me as always sticking to my guns, and one who values tradition.  As I am getting older, however, I am finding that my parents really do have a good sense on what is right and what is wrong, but they can be misguided too.  I am finding that my parents are very open to contrary beliefs, that I rarely have, and are willing to listen.  The great thing about  my family, which I think I gained from them, is that we are never quick to judge and always hear the other side of the story.  I think family, culture, and nationality do make up who I am, and I cannot imagine what I would be without them.

Kristen Danyal


3 Responses to “Being a product of my family, nationality, and culture is my cliche.”

  1. I feel the same way about parents on how they seem to always have a sense on right and wrong. My youth group leaders always say they seem to get a lot smarter once you mature as an adult.

    Olivia Lewis

  2. Very insightful, Kristen. You keep turning out good posts. So far, you are the first to suggest that if your family is influenced by culture and you are influenced by family, then you are affected by culture by default. There’s a lot going on here.

    ~Jenna G.

  3. Suryoyo Says:

    Forza Assyro-Chaldeans… Assyrians 4 Life

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