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Does it really matters? What is inside March 2, 2010

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I am an African American female who grew up in Westland and Detroit. For my entire life, I did not use my ethnic background to define me completly. I believe that there is more to my identity than just race alone. Race in my perpective is just apart of my physical appearence. How I identify myself is based on my personality and what person I am. Eventhough, others would describe me as a shy, quiet and antisocial person, I really view my self as a generous and kind individual. I am very intelligent and nice to be around. I try to be helpful to those who are in need whether they need advice or a friend, or a shouder ot cry on, not to criticise and judge I may have flaws but, I do not let  that dictate the person I am. I have always been a joy for others to be around. I really do not put much emphasis on someone and myself based on their nationality and race. As long as you are a nice person who do not get in trouble and are not judgemental, I could see myself hanging out with you no matter what your race and nationality is. Eventhough ,many people use race and nationality to decribe themselves, I really do not see  the point. I still believe that the person you really are is what s on the inside. A person’s identity Ibelieve is their personality and how they carry themselves and values others including family and friends not just looks and family. Although your family is believed to be your biggest influence. DMMullen


2 Responses to “Does it really matters? What is inside”

  1. Thanks, DDM. The only issue is that you have not included the textbook as a source.

    ~Jenna G.

  2. I agree that people need to start looking on the inside because that is what actually matters. I dont think that your make up on the outside should be defined as what type of person youll be because of a group of peoples stereotype.
    E. Campbell

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