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Ethnicity March 2, 2010

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Through my physical appearance, it may seem like I am from a similar ethnic background as many other caucasians. Although people may make this assumption it will never really make me angry, but for people in different situations it may. “… for most of the history of the Western world, people made assumptions about other people based on their appearance” (Silverman and Rader 268). With this information in mind, a lot of people think that these assumptions are referring only to racial stereotypes and negative connotations. For example, when people assume, because of facial features and stature, that someone is Chinese when in reality they are Japanese or Korean, this could cause hurt or anger because it is just simply an assumption based on the appearance of the individual. With this, although I do care about my Armenian heritage- and have strong feelings about this place I came from and the hardships that my ancestors faced and the Genocide the Ottoman Turks executed that took my great grandparents- I do not believe that my ethnicity has any influence on my identity to this day aside from being a truth about myself that’s kind of cool to talk about when no one else has anything to say. The thing that I think has the most influence on who I have and who I will become is my family. I mean sure my environment and politics have had some influence on my identity, but nothing could really shape you more than a family that has always been there for you to rely on, ask questions to, and has shaped your mind both by instruction and example from birth.

– Jake Morse


One Response to “Ethnicity”

  1. Great post, Jake. This would also make a good story for the essay, if you so chose. Missed ya in class today.

    ~Jenna G.

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