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Everyone is a stereotype. March 2, 2010

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In The World is a Text,  it says that most authors believe there is no such thing as a completely neutral person. Everyone we know is “attached” to some group and assumed to be just like everyone else in that group. It seems that no matter what we do, we cannot shake what the people of earlier generations have labeled us. I personally don’t think this is ever going to change, just because so many people take it for granted. We are raised in the beliefs, we are surrounded by it everywhere we go. For example, i dont know if anyone has seen the Subway commercial with the indian kid with braces and glasses doing all the genius math. Is that just a coincidence? Even if it was a white kid, would he still be shown with glasses and braces? This just seems like a common sight for me.

As for myself, i don’t think my nationality really has to do with my identity at all, unless i am surrounded by other stereo types. For example, i have a lot of black friends and when im with them, i’m the white kid. But i know its nothing personal at all, but sometimes it is a unique role reversal. For example, if we are listening to rap music, and i know all the words, they will sometimes joke that even the white kid gets it.

I do believe my family factors into my identity a lot, but not in a way i think that is common. Around where i live my family is involved in a lot of activity. My mother is a teacher at one of the middle schools, and my dad is the Head Coach of the Girls lacrosse team. So my name is recognized a lot for those reasons around the communtiy.

tyler staruch


2 Responses to “Everyone is a stereotype.”

  1. I really believe that sterotypes are bias opinions. They really do not mean anything about a individual.DMMullen

  2. Nice post, Tyler. I think it might help if you really spelled out what you were trying to say about the Indian kid (if he really is Indian?). I like that you pointed out how others can impact the way you are viewed. The black/white story is an interesting one. Also…missed you in class today!

    ~Jenna G.

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