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I Am Who I Am…Thats It! March 2, 2010

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Growing up i have heard it all, hey you there “white girl”, or” hey are you mixed with anything, i just asked, because your hair is supper nice and long”..lol sometimes i don’t know what to do but laugh at half the comments i get and to tell them no all i am is black.! My mother is black and kind of caramel skin toned, and my dad is black and caramel skin toned. No other race but a pinch of indian in me that comes from my great grandmother on my mother’s side, which  is so little that it can never be counted as a mixture. It just so happens that my mother and father were both light skinned as children and they developed a high yellow baby..lol. I have been judged by friends, by family who constantly tease me because of the color of my skin, which sometimes hurt because i get so tired of defending myself, but it doesn’t break me. If that s the case i have been judged all of my natural born life. Being judged because of your skin and being categorized puts you in an automatic group(silverman and radar 267). For example, before people meet me they think that i am automatically uppity, and have a nasty attitude and just think so high of myself, when in all actuality that does not even describe me. I am more of a laid back soul that loves to laugh and joke and is very loving. Just because i am light skinned and have hair does not give reason for me to be of another race or doesn’t mean that i am an example of the stereotype…Though time has changed “race and ethnicity is the guide to much of our public lives”(silverman and radar 268),so sad but so the truth. People are sometimes so wrapped up in the stereotypes that they do not even try to listen or even get to know you to accept the person that you are instead of the person that they ASSUME you are..

Brittany M. Thomas


One Response to “I Am Who I Am…Thats It!”

  1. I really liked your post, Brittany. It is good to remind us that assumptions like these can hurt. I would also like to talk about assumptions WITHIN a certain race/ethnicity, as opposed to views from outside it.

    ~Jenna G.

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