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I define..Me March 2, 2010

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Growing up I have seen and heard many things from different races and ethnicities and I have come to learn that at the end of the day we all are who we choose to be. I grew up in the city of Detroit and have ventured out to other cities and states as I’ve gotten older, and have come to find that the main difference isn’t necessarily the people within it as far as personalities and character but simply the look and practices that each city has and maintains. Even though I grew up in the city and may have lived a different life than those outside of it I found that many of those same people act the same way and do similar things but maybe just in a different manner. I do feel that my city does help to define me because I take pride in where I’m from and I am not afraid or ashamed to tell people about my own home. The things that some what help to define the city itself I feel are important in a certain aspect in that I may not like those traits such as the violence within the city or the way some people act but I try not to let that affect me or who I am. Other significant things that help to define who I am as a person are my family, goals, and beliefs. I believe that my family has helped to shape me into the person that I am today because they represent where I come from and have even influenced some of my traits and characteristics. The goals that I have for myself represent where I want to be and hopefully where I’m going so I think that they play a major role in my personality. My beliefs such as religion and the church that I attend also help to shape my identity because I believe that it affects my overall outlook towards life. My friends and the people that I hang around are important as well but I choose not to let people make me who I am with or without the influences that they may bring. All of these examples and things that I have said I believe can be summed up in one quote from The World is A Text which says “We are not saying that biology does not determine the color of one’s skin; clearly, biology determines skin pigmentation, as it does the color of our eyes, our hair, and our acne. What we are saying is (and what most scientists argue) is that the idea that biological traits are associated with a particular skin color is false”. (pg.267) This is more than true and helps to prove that simply the different traits and backgrounds that we each have do not make us who we are but can help us know where we want to go and who we one day want to be.

Raym0nd L.


4 Responses to “I define..Me”

  1. Nice post, Ray.

    I also believe that church helps to shape my outlook on life. He has a purpose for everyone’s life but some don’t realize that.

    Lori E. Allan

  2. I feel ya bro about how people do things the same way but go about it different ways. I was surprised to come up to Detroit and see people act just like the people back home.

    -Jeffrey Senecal

  3. Good quote man. I dont see how they can be related either.

    Nick Vecellio

  4. Nice post, Ray. You are the first so far to bring up city as part of identity. And your quote from the book, I’ll agree, is a good one. I hope we can talk about it in class and dissect it a little. And I’ll also agree with Jeffrey’s comment, too.

    ~Jenna G.

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