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ohh so hungary! March 2, 2010

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I do believe that nationality and race play a roll with identifying a group of people (ie. where they are from, what they look like) and also an individual. Each and every person are descendants from all different countries and regions all over the world. If we were all from the same place, we would all be identified together as one. This is what makes everyone special and not identical to one another. I am Hungarian and Macedonian. I rarely hear people talk about those two nationalities and I feel that they are very unique and that makes me who I am. They distinguish me from others and I am alright with that. I have the olive, dark skin, and dark features that the rest of my family from Hungary has and many people have been like ohhh alright when I tell them my nationality. Everyone identifies different races and ethnicities with a social class. And I agree with Silverman and Rader saying that white Americans do consider themselves middle class. We associate other races with poor or not as wealthy as Americans. No one wrote it down on paper but it has been something that society has convinced us to think as a whole. There are so many aspects to someone’s identity and who they think they are. Many people call themselves by adjectives to describe themselves but I believe it is so much more than that. In order to identify a person we need to consider race, nationality, interactions with other people including friends, family and strangers, their interests, where they live, who they associate themselves with or even their friends, and whatever makes up an ideal person. There are so many things to talk about when identifying a person, that some people forget reading between the lines.


One Response to “ohh so hungary!”

  1. Interesting post, but I need to know who you are to give you a grade. Send me an email telling me that this is your post, K?

    ~Jenna G.

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