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Race and Ethnicity Mean Little When Talking Individual Identity March 2, 2010

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I don’t usually associate my identity with my ancestry, however, for this assignment I feel it’s a good place to start. I get the Italian from my dad’s side of the family, and the Irish and German from my mom’s side. Although, if it weren’t for my middle and last names, the Italian would probably go unnoticed with my clearly Irish and German features. I never really refer to my nationality or ancestry as how I for my identity. The same goes for others. I don’t think you should ever really think of ancestry as a way to identify others or yourself. one of the main reasons I believe this is that ” it may be impossible to state, with any certainty, what the goals of any one ethnicity may be, as all people are complex and in the process of change (Silverman and Raider 271). Family, however, is much different from ancestry. To define yourself through the people who raised you is not the same as just tying your identity to a certain part of the world. My parents and brother are the most important people in my life. I believe that everything good in my life and in myself has been a direct result of how they chose to raise me. They have sent me to a Catholic school all my life, which has been a huge part of my life. However, in the fifteen years of Catholic education, my faith has steadily decreased to the point of nonbelief. Which is a shame in my parents eyes. While I am not a practicing Catholic anymore, that doesn’t mean I don’t still share and cherish those values that I have learned. I have been going to school with some of my best friends from kindergarten till this most recent semester, and I would have to say that this close relationship I have with them probably is what shapes my identity the most. We all share a lot in common knowing each other so long that while, we have or obvious differences, our morals and how we were raised are all very similair.If I had to describe my identity, I feel the most thorough explanation would come through my description of these relationships I have with friends and family.

Nick Vecellio


3 Responses to “Race and Ethnicity Mean Little When Talking Individual Identity”

  1. I agree… the individuals of groups that are stereotyped always seem to be so far off from the description of the stereotype.
    -Jake Morse

  2. I do agree that ancestry is the first place we start. Your brother helped with raising you?
    –sam laird

  3. Great post, Nick. Welcome! You touched on a number of integrated topics and utilized the source well.

    ~Jenna G.

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