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You’re Related March 2, 2010

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In my case ethnicity doesnt play as big of a role in my life as i want it to. Most people i meet expect me to be more “mexican”, whatever that means.  My grandparents both come from a hispanic background, so they grew up speaking only spanish and eating all the delicious foods.  However, when they had kids of their own, they used spanish as a “secret language” to talk about things that they wanted no one else to understand.  Although, they did pass on all the good cooking to my mom and her sister, my aunt.  But other than that, i do not feel like we embrace our background as much as we should or as much as i would like us to.

One of the most important things that makes up my identity is my family. They truly mean everything and more to me. Without them i would not be the person i am today because they have tried so hard to bring out all the my best features and traits to mold me into the best person i could be.  That takes a lot of time and effort to put your all into someone elses life.  It is funny though, beccause people on the outside would never guess that we are all one family. I live with my mom, step-dad(even though they got married when i was 2 so hes basically my dad), and my half sister.  My dad is a white, about 6 foot tall, and looks like mr. clean if that gives you a better visual. My mom on the other hand, is only about an inch or two taller than me, and couldnt look more mexican if she tried.  So when people see us together they are often surprised that we are a family.  This is a perfect example of categorizing people by their appearance.  Our family is like other visual constructions, we have to be slowed down and digested more actively (Silverman and Rader 268).  Once people get to know us all, they see how we all build off of each other and how vital we each are in each others lives.

-Breanna Perez


4 Responses to “You’re Related”

  1. I really think that your family is your biggest influence growing up.

  2. Nice post, Breanna. I think you bring up a few really interesting ideas, particularly that you would like ethnicity to play a larger role than it does and that others expect you to be “more Mexican”. Nice work, good reference to the text.

    ~Jenna G.

  3. Generally I feel like people love to be able to say what their background is and tell people all the cool things about it, embrace that. And it is funny that you metion about spanish being a secret language that was spoken so the kids wouldnt understand because my best friends grandparents do the same thing.
    E. Campbell

  4. I also agree that family is a major part of my life. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without all their love and support. I really like when you mentioned that your family molded you to be the best you can be. I think more people should become more interested in learning about their family’s history.

    Danielle Harteau

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