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Middlesex: The Silver Spoon March 24, 2010

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When I first started reading this book, I did not really know what to expect, but so far I find it interesting to see things from other people’s points of view. We are first introduced to Calliope, know reffered to as Cal. He is a hermaphrodite. I feel that this is a sensitives subject that some people feel uncomfortable discussing. I have been fascinated so far about a hermaphrodites point of view because you get an idea of what they go through, physically and mentally. Personally, I think that there are some people in this world that were born in the wrong body and unfortunately have to deal with society’s idea of them when all they want is to be seen as everybody else. In book one, “The Silver Spoon” of this novel, “Middlesex”, Cal shares some of his family’s history. This is where we are introduced to Cal’s grandparents, Desmonda and Lefty. After loosing their parents at a young age, the brother and sister live together. Later in the story, Desmonda and Lefty actually begin a romantic relationship, where the issue of incest comes into play. Even though they were aware of what they were doing was wrong, they began the relationship because they “loved [each other the most] and knew [each other] better than any other” (Eugenides 37). In my opinion, I do not encourage incest and sometimes cringe at the thought of it because society has taught us that incest is wrong. In the novel however, it seems that the author is accepting this relationship and gives readers a look at how Desmonda and Lefty feel. Again, this is also an uncomfortable and sensitive subject with most because society has brought us up thinking incest is morally wrong. Overall, I feel that the population does not dicuss the topics of incest and hermaphrodites because not only do they feel uncomfortable, but I think the population is uneducated about these subjects. I think this is an interesting novel because it gives readers the opprotunity to try to understand and see what the characters are going through.

Danielle Harteau

Professor Gerds- I am hoping to somehow put some of the things I have written here in my essay. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I am going to say, but maybe the ideas I have can help? Thank you!


7 Responses to “Middlesex: The Silver Spoon”

  1. I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Society really dictates our thoughts in almost every way. However, when it comes to love it I guess there are no restrictions; even if you are brother and sister. Haha.

    Nayeli Garza.

  2. I agree with this. There are not a lot of people out there who are comfortable about talking about hermaphrodites or incest. However, they are things that are out there and need to be discussed.

    -Jordan Houtby

  3. I concur also, society definitly seems to create a barrier on hermaphrodites. However this book opens a window within that barrier.

    kevin cunningham

  4. Very true. I don’t see why society cringes at stuff like this. Its not really that big of a deal if someone changes genders, whether they choose to or not.

    -Jeffrey Senecal

  5. I agree with your thoughts on society and how it dictates peoples lives. But when it comes to love, there are restrictions, and i would say the main one is incest.

    Nick Vecellio

  6. I agree we have all been raised on how incest is wrong and it has a lot to do with the media I feel too. If a famous celebrity decided that they were going to marry their sibling I feel at first everyone would question it and as soon as the media thought it was okay everyone would be more accepting to the idea of it.

    Olivia Lewis

  7. Danielle, I think this is a good jump off point for some stuff in the final essay. I think you need to take your thoughts on hermaphrodites and incest a step further for the final. What does all of this mean? How can we analyze it? [What does it really mean to be “born in the wrong body” or to have an unnatural attraction? How is that carried out in the book, etc.] Nice post, you raise some good points.

    And to your commentors:

    I don’t think that the book is asking you to accept incest or to allow it into society. I think instead, it is telling you what (fictionally) happened without passing judgment on it. [And the incest is used as a metaphor].

    ~Jenna G.

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